Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Oh dear Naira

Can I dare say that our Naira is gradually being extincted and that its propagation is being done by none other but the people that should be preventing it?
You watch a Nigerian music video and everything you see is so not Nigerian, except the main features that cannot rip their skins off of course. The one thing that could have given you the pleasure of a little taste of Nigeria has been exchanged with our incessant crave for all things foreign. Why would you be throwing dollars and singing about dollars when Nigeria is still using Naira? Confused people!

Severally, I want to write the symbol of Naira in just one click while using my PC and then I discover that I can never have it the way my teacher taught me back in Nursery school, a big N with 2 dashes across it (₦). So I have to make do with a letter 'N', just like I see it everywhere these days.

And then I get on twitter, I try to write something with the word 'Naira' in it and before I know it, I see the red lines under it, suggesting that it might just be an error. Like it's trying to ask if there's a word like that.
I discard it because it's not relevant. It's just twitter and I don't speak twitter language. The last time I checked, it couldn't even recognize the word 'amidst', thank God for my ever reliable dictionary, for a second, I would have thought I made up the word myself.

And then I decided to check the exchange rate, once again the value of the naira keeps depreciating as the days go by and then I have to remind myself to continue to pray that Naira wouldn't just exist in our history books and late night tales some day. Just like how the fact that '1 GBP was the direct equivalent of 1Naira' has conveniently found itself there.

"Is there really nothing we can do?"
The question that has been hovering around my head for months.

And just when I try not to bother about it so much, I hear that so much money has been put into producing a 5000 naira note! A 5000 naira note? Couldn't that amount of money be used for more pressing needs or at least something more productive? Misplaced priority as usual!!!
All I can do is hope that this turns out to be the help I have always hoped for. What more can my small mind do than to be hopeful? I mean you'd hear them tell you that you aren't an economist so you have no idea. Who needs to be an economist to see the facts that lie behind this unrealistic move?
Well, I'll be optimistic, that is what our leaders believe we should do. Watch them squander Nigeria's resources and hope that it is for our best interests.
Once again, we have to hope on our leaders to lead us right, right?
I just hope someone thought it out well this time.

How is your week going lovelies? I almost forgot the pleasantries due to my bewailing, it's almost impossible to be a Nigerian and not be caught up in them.
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  1. Being Nigerian is one of the most frustrating things in the world *sigh*

    Hope you are well


  2. Minimum wage in Nigeria is about $118 which comes up to N18,880 * if you get a very good exchange rate* which is less than four notes of the new N5000. Leaders say be optimistic and hope for the best but they are doing everything possible to kill that hope

  3. Lets see how this pans out. Sanusi will have a lot of protesters to contend with. There was a civil protest today at CBN office. I doubt people will take this lying down.

    1. They can't expect us to keep taking whatever crap they dole out. It's just unfair how they carefully neglect the masses when they are making these important decisions.

  4. It is sad how we are always quick to disregard all that is ours...the state of our currency is pathetic but hoping someday we would come to our right sense about our country.

  5. They should use the money for something more important jare!

  6. misplaced priorities. i just keep wondering if this is the most important thing right now but hey, we are in Nigeria........the only place things like this happen

    1. Of course we all know there are more important things that money could have helped solve but they'll rather remain oblivious to them and speedily allocate large sums to things that no one really needs

  7. They're just looking for ways to carry less cash instead of their plans for a cashless economy. God help us.
    Still trying to figure out how this won't cause inflation

  8. as in..atary took the words outta my mouth..thats what they're after and i hope they dont suceed
    its not fair at all..ahn ahnn..truly misplaced priorities

  9. I feel so sad to thin that by this singular move, 20, 50 and 100 naira are about to become extinct. Watch how the price of biscuits and public transport will fly up; who wants to carry a pocketful of coins?!
    Naija matters dey tire person

  10. Sad the dimishin value of naira due to few peoples selfishness, just complicating an already bad situation.
    Been stumbling from 1 blog to another via comments and I love the vibe.

    NB I don't know how this ff goes please ff me ild ff back 1ns I get a hold of it.kisses.



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