Saturday, 27 October 2012

I care and also do not care

The way I have been projecting the "I don't care" me these days is probably a little disturbing for my friends. I decided to give everybody some peace of mind by reassuring everyone of what to expect. I hope my friends know that I'll always care about them. However, this on the other hand is a quick note to some people that I have been trying to communicate something to for a while now. Annoying, trifling, good weather so called "friends". They are just there, like onlookers, waiting to see what next to talk about. I do not know why these people just do not seem to get it and put an end to their abysmal ignorance.

                                                      ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE!

Ok, ever since I decided to believe that I am very different from most people I know, I have learnt to pay deaf ears to people that always expect me to conform to a certain sort. Anyway, my strong opinion of myself has not only guarded me, but it has also given me a clear insight on the kind of people I do not need in my life and I do not make any mistakes in showing them the way they tried to come in from. Unfortunately, they think that someday I might begin to care. You have no idea when I call these people funny. If you want to concentrate on them, you might lose it.

I love and appreciate my friends and people that come off like they mean well, you have no idea, but there is a limit to what I can take from so called "friends". I have also learnt to define who is and who isn't; that is, a friend and a "friend".
So at one point in my life, I came to the conclusion that I'd only give my time and waste my breath on people that deserved it, and if I think you do not, I simply do not see you. You might actually think that for some reasons I should, but it's really bad when I decide to do the selective hearing and seeing. It's almost as if I'm completely oblivious of your existence. Well, I must say it helps because I'll hate to look back and realize that I got myself worked up for something/someone that is of no relevance to my life.
There is no time, room or energy to hate, I just pretend you are a "walking corpse" and I do not need to say a word to you. Life can be easy and beautiful, why waste all of  that on confused and ignorant people?

I choose my friends and it's not compulsory to make everyone one. I've had my fair share of so called friends seriously, I have decided that I can spare myself of all the drama. Actually at a point, I didn't want any friends anymore, but lucky me, I was able to sort out the true ones and learnt how to keep my circle small and relevant. That shouldn't qualify me as a snub and I never complained to anyone that I was lonely. It's my CHOICE to channel my attention to people that deserve them more. Keep on with your speculations, I will not be helping you out. I don't have to deal with all your crap just because you think I should. So yea, go ahead and spend time saying whatever you like behind my back, it still doesn't change the fact that you do not deserve my time and will not be having any of it.
So erm do you still expect me to care? IGNORANCE IS A BIG SETBACK!!!

Dear lovelies, I know this is not the kind of post you'll enjoy but I promise I needed to do this. I need this post here so I can refer some people that are still looking for a way out to it, maybe I can help them and they can find one soonest. Perhaps, you can take the cue and send this to those time wasters in your life too :)
I promise to put something worth your time next week ^_^

Love always


  1. I can relate dear. Now breathe *hugs*

  2. *Straight face*

    Who pushed MsJB to the wall?

  3. Lol, I think we all have those "friends" that need to get this memo and some of us are even this kind of friend...hmmm. Its why I'm careful who I call friends.

  4. Wow! Heavy stuff. Lol... (((big hug)))

  5. Woa...breathe in and out slowly. There you go.

  6. Lol, first time here, and as much as I know this comes from your heart, I honestly cant help the but giggle a little....Like Toin and blogoratti said, just breathe...I can totally relate and I'm glad you're in a better place.

    Thanks for stopping over at mine :)

  7. Totally unlike you...........:(
    Hope you are okay now?

  8. Thanks everyone! I allowed the wrong ones get to me. I hope they enjoyed the brief bout of attention 'cause I can promise they'll never get the chance again.
    Thanks again, I really appreciate the concern.



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