Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spoken word poetry: 'Just call me' by Janyl Benyl

Hey lovelies

I had to present a spoken word piece yesterday at the 21st anniversary of the International Baptist church of Budapest ( It was such a great night.

I did one last year too for the 20th anniversary. I really liked that one because I had enough time to prepare for it. A lot of people liked it and asked me to do another one this year. I prefer not to read my works because then I can work with my expressions and add some depth to the words, but I had to write 'just call me' that afternoon, and it was the best I could do. Please pardon me if I'm just reading it.
I had a lot of positive responses still. It didn't matter if I read it or not. I know the difference though :)
Here it is, 'Just call me' enjoy!

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Jesus Jesus!
Came the sound from a little girl
She reached out for a hand to grip
and trembled as she tried to speak

But she was in tears
She was so afraid
Why didn't she call me?
Why did she call him?

It's amazing how many people knew this name
How many people called him everyday
Not sure how Jesus would react
So I decided to inquire

Was he listening?
Was he angry?
Did he care?
Could he even hear?

Who is he?
Why should I call him?
Could he help me?
Would he help me?

And then I looked in the bible
What I saw was gripping
he was the messiah
and he knew my desire

I didn't even know him
But he said he knew me
And he's watching over me
I learnt he'd never sleep

He's called lord of lords
And he stays true to his words
He made a lot of promises
He was talking to you and me

When you're down on your scary paths
And it seems everything is falling apart
The light at the end of the tunnel seems dim
and you can't find a reason to dream

when you're down in the deepest valley
and everything seems out of reach
faced head on with the highest mountain
and your heart knows nothing but pain

when your eyes are filled with tears
and your soul is captured with fear
you hold onto your pillow tight
'cause there's no one to call through the night

Locked in, scared to even breathe
not even sure what to think or believe
tired, torn, shaken and broken
don't give up, it can still happen

He hears
He cares
And he says
For your sake I came

Every night has an end
I have come to save
my covenant will I not break
So will you, can you

                                                 October 2012
                                                   Janyl Benyl

Saturday before yesterday, same time, I was dancing at another church program. I love my life :)
I love this photo of me they took while I was dancing. I like the silhouette feel to it

Have a great week ahead everyone

Love always


  1. hmmmmm...

  2. Keep on being the light that shines on the path for others to see the way

  3. great.....just great
    i love the dance picture too

  4. May you continue to go higher in him.

  5. "Just call me". I love, very well said. I'm lying on my bed and imagining you performing the words *smiles*

    I love the picture too. Babes, only you? U dance, write poems? Please tell me you don't

    1. Awww smiling here too :)
      Thanks dear. Just trying to make sure every gift is put to good use.
      At least not professionally, but I sing in the shower you know :)


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