Sunday, 21 October 2012

That's that stuff I don't like + another versatile blog award

Hey lovelies

I recently received the versatile blogger award from 2 amazing bloggers, NATMANE of and THE RELENTLESS BUILDER -
I will be skipping the rules because I've done this before but you can read it all here and here
Like I mentioned, I have received this particular award from a few other bloggers before
but I am really grateful for the award. It still gets me excited when someone thinks I deserve one.
Big thanks, dearies! Below is the link to a post where I responded to the rules and all that fun stuff :)

I decided to do this other tag that has been going around youtube instead - That's the stuff I don't like :)
I decided to hop on Nikkisho's idea to write it out instead.
Enjoy :)

1. I do not like boringggggggggggggggggg people. Try to make a conversation and I'm not talking about "I like your whatever" I mean, can you say something else?
I'm just there trying to lighten up the place with some jokes and you're just there laughing "Hahahaha you funny" Am I supposed to be your personal stand up comedian? Can't you see I'm trying not to die of boredom? What are we supposed to do, stay there and stare at each other?

2. I don't like when people try to hug me with sweaty, stinky armpits. Get some anti-perspirant deodorant or something. Or would you like me to get you some insecticide instead? And they never stop hugging #sigh

3. Please, do not talk to people if you do not know how to tackle your mouth odor! All I want to say is toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, mouth sprays and even chewing gums were not made for celestial beings, but for us humans. Please be wise enough to use it. For all those that decide to to eat all the onions in their burger when they know they do not have anything with them to combat the smell, no comments for you yet. Maybe you just think that onion and garlic smells must be very appealing.

4. Do not ask me to dance with you if you want to practice all your "rubbing your body on a lady" skills. There is a big difference between dancing and rubbing all of you on me. Please, keep your hands where my eyes can see, it's called dance and not whatever is all up in your head... hello!

5. I don't like it when I catch you staring at any part of me except my face. Do not stare at my chest, look at my face, dude. Chin up LOL

6. Do not tell me I look hot or sexy. Stick to words like cute, beautiful, pretty and the likes. Thank you!

7. It is not compulsory to laugh at your dry jokes, if you know you are not funny, please stick to talking about erm sports or recent happenings or even history LOL. I will not donate laughter if it isn't funny, sorry! *straight face*

8. I don't like friends that come around only when they need something. Get a life! If I did, you too can.

9. I hate it when people make me have to ask them for my thing. Like I lend you some money and you say "I'll return it in 2 weeks". Two weeks should not turn to a month. Oh well, in some people's calendar it could even be a whole year.

10. Please, if I didn't open my mouth and tell you a vivid "yes, I would be happy to date you", do not go about trying to tell people that we may, will, are or could, just because you think that we would eventually. I try to be nice and that's about it, but I cannot help what goes on in your head.

Erm I might remember some later LOL
Add yours in the comment section, perhaps I can update my list :)

Have a great week ahead lovelies

Love always


  1. #thats that stuff I don't like: If u have anything to say to anyone, grow up and just say. I don't like people going behind A's back telling B,C,D about A's business esp if A is supposed to be your friend.
    *i hope I wrote that well?*

    I don't like friends becoming just acquintances

    1. You made a lot of sense. That's definitely something I do not like too. Better to keep people as acquaintances long enough and when you decide to make them friends, there are less chances of them becoming acquaintances, that is if you knew what to look out for.
      Be wary of fake friends, my dear! They are deadly. God help us

  2. If we're having a conversation, please keep your paws off me. There's a reason it's called 'personal space'


  3. Looollll. Kai, "rubbing your body on a lady" . I especially love 4,5,6

  4. lmao @ donating laughter...Miss no nonsense :)

  5. 1. please dont get in my personal space, if you want my help or have something to ask, stay at a distance.............dont bend and smell my hair and rub against me cos you want to "ask or confirm something"
    2. mind your business (at all times). you are not my father, brother or boss...........stop acting like one.
    3. DONT touch my things without express permission from me..........No, you cant checkout that song or get that file without asking me.
    i can go on and on

  6. i love no 6
    1. please dont get in my personal space, if you want my help or have something to ask, stay at a distance.............dont bend and smell my hair and rub against me cos you want to "ask or confirm something"
    2. mind your business (at all times). you are not my father, brother or boss...........stop acting like one.
    3. DONT touch my things without express permission from me..........No, you cant checkout that song or get that file without asking me.
    i can go on and on

  7. Congrats on the award. Some of the answers were so funny :)

  8. Hahahahahahhahahaha! OMG! You won't kill me with laughter o! I'm not saying you're my personal stand up comedian anyway but you're funny!

    And my chin is up though!

    1. LOL this your laughter is contagious :)

  9. Oh Lord, you're definitely a no-nonsense person. I think #10 is especially wrong. How do you go about making that sort of announcement without the other person's approval? Na wa!

  10. LOL. I can relate to #1 and #6 especially. Annoying!
    I'm thankful i am not a wannabe guy in your life. Like some random guy told me, 'Lady, you sound like hard work'

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