Saturday, 24 November 2012

What I love about: Autumn

Hey lovelies

As winter is gradually beckoning, I thought I might revisit this series with the autumn addition. I have been waiting for the leaves to turn golden so I can take a decent picture for this post and it had taken like forever to feel like fall here. I'm not complaining, I mean who doesn't like the sun? :)

Golden, red, green and brown leaves:

Such a beautiful sight. The beauty of autumn.

My most preferred wardrobe staple:
Any weather that let's me rock my blazers is pure perfection. No freezing up in them because it's too chilly, or burning up because it's too hot. I love my blazers :)

Some cold, finally: After all the heat, trust me a little bit of cold is so needed. I don't like the rain but some days you just pray for some thing other than the heat. Think about cool nights with candles, a nice book, hot tea and erm some cuddling :) Don't judge, don't judge, you can't be too sure :P
The weather is perfect for working out and taking long walks too. No sweats, just perfect.
Now is the time to get your body perfectly in shape, if you never did :)

I love the breezy sunny days:
On some days, It's sunny and just a little chilly. I like to throw on my trench while still leaving my sunglasses on, on such days. I love the trench and sunglasses look a lot. I picked it up in France. The ladies always come off like they are taking a role in some holly-wood flick hehehe

I can still rock my dresses:
I always try to switch things up every time I want to re-rock a dress. That's just the thing about dresses, you have to be creative to pull it off looking entirely different every time. It doesn't really matter though, I just love to do it anyway.
As I was saying, when the weather gets humid, all I have to do is throw some cardigan, stockings and a nice dense scarf in place and the dress takes on an absolutely different look. It doesn't require any sitting down to put it together at all. You just throw them on, basically, and it works.

It's my 2nd favourite season.
The feeling about this weather is pretty much like spring for me, one of my best except that it comes with the saddening reality of knowing that the weather will just get cold, colder until it hits extremely cold. That's so not something to look forward to, unlike the spring where you know that from there it's heading to the summer :)
Another thing that spoils it for me is the fact that instead of seeing the nice spring of vegetation, rather the leaves are falling off until all that is left is this pale, gloomy sight.

On the brighter side, when fall comes, you are sure that Christmas is somewhere really close yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :))
The exciting countdown :)

Of all the seasons, if I had to choose it'd be
1. Spring
2. Autumn
3. Summer
4. Winter
And that means I'll be writing about the 'not so wanted' of them all next time. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out that I still find somethings to like about the season I wish I'd rather not have?
Find out in the concluding part of this series.

And I'm sure you have something you love about autumn too.
Let's hear :)

Love always


  1. awww I love love you in the second photo

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the second one.

    No Fall for us here. It was summer, a few days of fall and we are already experiencing winter. I love Spring the most too.

  3. You're one stylish babe for sure :)

  4. You look lovely..Nice pictures :)

  5. Madam, you too dey pose o, lol.

    Nice pics.

  6. I wish i could experience this Autumn you speak of. All i see is rain and frost. blawdy England weather!

    You look gorgeous tho JanylB!

  7. Nice pictures, I like your 'poses' too.

  8. Aww thanks for the compliments


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