Saturday, 1 December 2012

...Because life is a big struggle

Hey lovelies

I am so happy to see you around here. It is December already y'all, in case you haven't noticed :)
This year has been such an eventful one for me. (So many events that got me thinking a lot)
I recently had a very hard blow, I couldn't even think straight for days. I am yet to fully recover from it, but I learnt earlier to never overlook the lessons in every situation I find myself. I dusted myself and tried to concentrate on the positives till all the negatives fade away. In the midst of all the storms, I tried to capture the underlying message, learn from the experience and appreciate the fact that I know what it feels like to be hurt, to hope until you become hopeless, but you summon on the courage to gather the pieces left, and try to hold onto hope again.

This post is going to be about just that, reminding you of all you've got so you know exactly how much it is worth.
Do not ever make the mistake of believing that some people have it easy. That is the greatest factor when it comes to people who fail to acknowledge their blessings. They are engrossed in those things they would rather have that they fail to see the ones that they do have.

No, nobody has it easy. Everybody is going through the same big struggle called life.
Life knows exactly how to hit you at the point that matters most to you. It is different for different people, but seriously, when you walk on the streets, never fail to acknowledge the fact that everyone has a care that test their strengths just like you do. They might all seem different, but in reality they aren't, it just take different routes.

Let's make this a little practical. Let me share a few real life stories that we can easily relate with:
1.There is this student that is very very good, but every time he is always the last to pay his fees. Sometimes he is  even at the verge of repeating a class because he couldn't afford to pay his fees on time whereas, there is another student who is so bad yet he is always the first to pay his fees, he is so bad that he has to struggle so hard to make sure he doesn't repeat the class.
Different problems right?

Here's another one:
There is a woman who is at the verge of taking her life because she just found out she is pregnant, and it feels like her whole life has crumbled whereas, there is another one who would give the whole world just to hear that she is able to get pregnant.
Different problems right?

Let's extend this a little bit:
There is a man lying on the best bed on the best vacation spot in the world wishing he had someone to spend it with, whereas, another man is lying in the slums with the love of his life and wishing he could afford to take her somewhere better, where they could truly enjoy the moments.

There is someone who is wishing he didn't have to spend Christmas on a hospital bed, whereas there is someone who is wishing he could at least afford to get some medical care but cannot.

There's a couple that is always taking frequent shopping trips. You look at them every time and you want that life. Your man can barely afford to buy good food. What you failed to realize is that every time they are out on a big shopping trip, the man just abused his wife and is trying to apologize. And perhaps, she is also wishing she had your man who may not be rich but never disrespects you.

Why can't we just have it all? We often wonder
I'm sorry to disappoint you but nobody really has it all.

These stories may all seem different, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing. Everyone is in a constant struggle to live happily. It is just life being life. It has an essential part which has to do with dolling out experiences. You just have to learn to face your own problems and live, living in the consciousness that your neighbor also has his/her own problems to make it through this big race called life.
Never forget to be thankful for all your blessings, because there is someone wishing they had what you have.

Now that I have your attention, Christmas is here. Enough with the regrets and struggles. It is a time to celebrate and make merry. Concentrate on the little things that make you happy and hold onto them.
It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be a joyful moment.
If you had any reason not to, I hope you find reasons to join in this exciting countdown. We all have something to celebrate, even if it's just the gift of life itself.

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I just declared this month "a thankful month" and I will be sharing my reasons to be thankful. I hope you can share yours too.

Happy December!
Love always


  1. Wow! Your examples rings a bell in my head!! Life isn't easy, although some people make it look like it is. There are struggles that will come into your life and will overpower you. There are also struggles that you can overpower! It's just a matter of how we handle each situation we find ourselves in.

    One might fail at something, but that does not make one a failure. In this life, we have to look at each situation in multiple angles.

    This year, has been one of many lessons and experience for me. I thank God for how far I've come and what I still have left to accomplish.

    I pray that God restores you and brings you peace. The joy of the Lord is your strength! :)

    1. Thanks hun
      I really appreciate it

  2. Hmm,Nobody has it all...
    I'm thankful to God for all I am

    Happy December and thanks for sharing

  3. To each his own, everyone is going through their own little struggles. Happy December!!!

  4. The best way to appreciate life is too appreciate the least thing that seem not matter at a first brief glance. Happy new month to you too. I am sending you a request on facebook straight away. My fb name is Joseph Omotayo

  5. Very true. We can only try to do the best with the little we have, and not keep looking at what others have, and we do not seem to have,

  6. "they are engrossed in those things they would rather have that they fail to see the ones that they do have."---couldn't agree more
    Happy new month Ms Jb :)

  7. Word dear "Nobody really has it all"

  8. Happy December, and thanks for the thoughtful post.

  9. your examples are thought provoking.
    merry xmas in advance to you dear.........yes, its my best time of the year

  10. I enjoyed reading this and I can relate to your words. You're so right we need to remember that hapiness is not something ready made but something we have to create ourselves with all those little things we sometimes take for granted.
    Happy December.

  11. 'We all have something to celebrate, even if it's just the gift of life itself.' This summarizes it for me. Great post, so true. So real. I decided to check out your blog after I saw your comment on mine. I must say, I love what I am seeing here. I am following right away. Cheers.

  12. was just writing about something like this today.. ish.
    Been going through some struggle lately because of the people around me.. the bad part was not being able to get/stay away from them and not being able to find a constant solution but just after posting today it all got better.. its like all their bullshit faded away and i can finally focus on the positive and moving forward..
    I think struggle is necessary.. it forces you to learn, it makes you grow and makes you stronger..
    i think having it all would include having the struggles as well coz even though at the time it doesnt feel like it, its highly necessary + it makes you appreciate what you have even more
    Thanks fr sharing :)

  13. wow....this post got me hard

    Happy Christmas babe...there is a lot to still be thankful for

  14. If I had the time, I would read every single post... Its like a well of life...


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