Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Seasons greetings

Hey lovelies

A very merry Christmas to you all

May your homes be filled with the joy that comes with the season.

Ps: I hope everyone that entered for the giveaway have received their codes by now? I sent out all the emails yesterday so go to the site and place your orders because the codes will expire by 12midnight.

Pps: I don't know why I cannot comment on blogs. It's been so hard reading my favorite blogs and not being able to leave a comment. I even tried to reply the questions on the giveaway post last week but it was still the same struggle. My apologies to everyone that waited for me to respond to them, I did try to. Actually, I can type and post but it just becomes invisible after. Please, help on that regard if you can!

Love always


  1. Merry Christmas sweetie hope you had a lovely day :)


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