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Dear JB - My friend's husband wants me

Hey Lovelies
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I leave my contact details here so I get a couple of fan mails, sometimes, they are questions these people are itching to get answers to? Perhaps, they just want another person's opinion.

I usually just reply them the best way I can there (that is on whatever channel they used to reach me), but this one got my attention in a great way and I decided to share it because I know most people are/should be asking this question. 

Dear JB
My friend's husband wants to divorce his wife and marry me. He said that sometimes people meet people to meet other people and that is just what happened between us. He said I'm the kind of girl he has always wanted to marry but he was tired of waiting, so he decided to make do with the available - his wife.  I could like him too, so far, I've been trying to prevent myself from paying attention. I know if I do, I'll definitely fall for him. He's that kind of guy. I do not seem to understand why he was in a hurry like he mentioned because he's still very young. He has been married for 2.5 years and he's just 7 years older than me. I on the other hand have never been married. The good thing is that there are no kids. They planned to start having kids later. I just might be turning my back on  my 'the one'.
Should I let go of my guards and let him in?
My friend is very pretty, I'm sure she will get someone else in no time.


Hi S.
I understand how it feels to know the man you like and cannot really be with him because my advice to you would be that you forget every plans of being with him. Do not even entertain the thoughts. Let's face it, there is no way another person's spouse can be your "the one" You sould not be the one breaking your friend's home. Leave them alone for a while, I'm sure they can sort things out with tine. If you need to stay away so the man can think properly, please do so. You owe that to your friend.

Dear lovelies, this will become a fixture on this blog, so feel free to use my contact details (click here) and send me questions on any aspect you think I can help.
I will try to answer them to the best of my capabilities. If I find them interesting enough (like someone else needs to know too) I will share them here. Don't worry, whether you send your name or not, I will always withhold your identity.

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  1. Please my dear stay away from him. did you say she is your friend? haba!!!! pray about it and stay away!!!

  2. If he is having issues with his wife, he should work it out and may even divorce her but it shouldn't be because it 'might' work with you or you are waiting for him in the sidelines. If you are a good friend and you care about your friend, distance yourself from them.

  3. This man will drop your ass just as he is about to drop your friend's the moment you fall for his crap.

    Besides you are not a good friend for entertaining such thoughts of your friend will find another person once you succeed in stealing her man.

    Biko what are you doing entertaining such stupid requests from a married man, your friend's man as that...go out and search for your 'The one'

  4. Thanks everyone
    I really appreciate your contributions. I'm sure she has enough opinions to help her with making a good decision

  5. Thinking about it alone is wrong not to talk of,considering his offer. Please do all you can,to give your friend and her husband space to work things out with themselves. Don't be the reason why your friend will kneel and pray to God for vengeance or karma cuz,trust me it won't be pretty..


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