Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Health talks: Impossible is nothing - Monique, a case study

Hey lovelies
I have heard severally when people say that it is impossible to choose the healthy path. Monique just proved that everyone can do it. She went from 300 pounds to 218 and she is 45 years old.
If Monique can do it, you too can.

The aim should always be about trying to hit the healthy mark. Not skinny, not fat, keyword - HEALTHY!
She stressed the fact that she didn't use pills neither did she undergo any surgery, just the good old exercise that we all hear about. She has been sharing her progress constantly on her twitter page.
If you ever need inspiration, just head on to her twitter page - https://twitter.com/moworldwide
Let the pictures speak!



Inspired? Remember, no one achieves anything without hard work.

Love always


  1. Nicee. Healthy is def the way to. I don't know why i haven't been getting your updates

    1. I'm not sure if I can say exactly
      When was the last time you received one?

  2. Am I the only one that remembers when it was as though Monique had dedicated her life to converting everyone into the phat or should I say 'thick' path? lol

    1. Lol let's just believe she's better informed now :)


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