Saturday, 11 May 2013

Music crush

Hey Lovelies
So I have this funny feeling of letting music get so much to me
*confession time* Let's not beat around the bush then 'scratches head' erm 
I crush on guys with delectable voices, a very select few tho. Some things must add up, I don't even know what the criteria are but I just know that some of the voices *werk more than some :)
So after being completely smitten by Usher's voice for yonks, Trey Songs came along to give me more tough times. Tough times knowing that these guys are several seas, mountains and oceans away, usually makes me feel that perhaps we are not the same. They can sing so well like that just because you know, just because of anything that I cannot exactly comprehend. But maybe I can meet them one day and ask them to sing for me, ok, at least how they manage to be so breathtakingly great 
*ok snap back to reality*
One day, I stumbled upon May D and it was like I was knocking on heaven's doors. Finally, there was a guy with same Nigerian blood who could send shivers down my spine just by singing some sweet melodies. Massive awwwwwww
Unfortunately, something happened *big sigh* I saw MayD and he was different from the kinda guy I pictured with that voice. Don't get me wrong, it is not what you think, no matter how hard I try to explain this you will not be able to understand, so let's just leave it, ok? Lol

But one fateful day I discovered the breathing dopeness called Praiz Jeez! that voice can send an insomniac patient to sleep, but in my case, it literally sets me flying in the sky. I could listen to that rich baritone all day, all night.
Lest I forget, throw John Legend somewhere in the mix too, I absolutely adore his voice. Praiz's voice reminds me of John Legend's.
Why can't all guys sing so well? Oh well, I can't sing myself :)

Currently listening to "Rich and famous"
Have you heard it?
What do you think of Praiz's vocals?
He's one of my best in the scene for now

Love always

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