Monday, 24 June 2013

Inspirational: Work harder

Hey Lovelies
It takes hardwork to succeed, everywhere. This fact has already been established in times past, if you missed it, now you know. In America, Asia, Europe as well as Africa, it follows a natural law that hardwork must preceed success. Nobody has it easy and it doesn't really have to do with your location neither does it have anything to do with your profession.

Some people believe that life is easier when you cross the borders (out) of Nigeria, like everything is handed onto you there. You'd hear them blame all their inadequacies on the government, claiming their life would have been a lot better if destiny had taken them anywhere else but Nigeria. One thing I can say for sure is that nobody ever achieved anything without hardwork. I have lived in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and I can say surely, that life will always demand perseverance, hardwork and patience from you for you to be able to make it worthwhile.

I do not believe that there is any where in the world where you'd go to where you will sit and watch yourself make good returns without putting in the efforts.
So when you think that your greatest limitation is the fact that you are a Nigerian trying to make it in Nigeria, ask yourself if there exist people in the developed countries you so covet who are yet still very poor.

People also make the mistake to think that it depends on their chosen vocation. Even prostitutes need to put on a tight game to stay afloat, as well as having to deal with the hazards of their choice.
When you think that perhaps trying to succeed as an engineer is hard, so you decide to venture into music because you think it's easier, maybe you should ask successful musicians how NOT easy it is.
There is no easy way out in life, but you know what they say, "you have to choose your own battles", but fight you must!

Have a lovely week ahead and don't stop striving

Love Always

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  1. This is awesome. Just as if you know what I am going through. GOD Bless You, cause you are truely GOD sent...

    1. It's always a pleasure
      Thank you

  2. Great post, very motivational :)

  3. Everyone must work hard. Even if you were successful by accident, you have to work hard to sustain it.

  4. true talk....thank you, just wad i need

  5. So reminds of that saying "you should never envy the green grass on the other side." They are working hard to keep the grass green...Stay on your side and tend to your own grass until its nice and green too.


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