Friday, 30 August 2013

Again, I wished I were a man

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This post is on  'Keeping your man' by Stella Damasus. It has been making its rounds on so many blogs lately and I also have my thoughts about it.
I first read it on Nigerian Scorpio's blog (click here) and to tell you the truth, the funny vibe she gave it did not let me see the words in the true light till I went to Stella's blog and read the original post. When I read it, the first thought that came to my mind was "ignorance" "ignorance". How women have been steadily sold these opinions by ignorant men beats me. Blame it on women who will rather die than lose their most priced position, Mrs *insert your drug of choice here*

No, there are no rules or at least, not spelt out like a freaking job like this. 

I immediately wished I were a man so I could show my woman that this sexism and chauvinism is not necessarily the optimal way of life and she doesn't really need to go through all that torture just to be loved by me.
We would work together as a formidable force, standing by each other and helping each other every step of the way. I would make her know that in return for her treating me like a king, I wouldn't treat her like my slave, rather I would adore her like my queen. 
I would show her that marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured and that means that if we are supposed to be one, I will not enjoy it because I am getting all the great benefits while I watch her endure it as she slaves herself away every step of the way. No, I will not notice if she smells of onions and oil right after cooking for me, because I know exactly what it means to smell of onions and oil. I will not expect her to be this super human that I cannot be. 
I would see her as a human who needs just as much care and love as she readily gives. 

Above all, I will never make her feel like she needed to win my love everyday or she could lose it to someone else.
I would tell her I chose to build my eternity with her and that decision would never waiver forever. 

I wish... 

But then again I am a woman and I can only wish that modern day slavery was not an issue for most women.

Love always

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