Saturday, 24 August 2013

Noteworthy: Things are not the same

Hey Lovelies
I forgot to mention previously, but I'm sure some of you might have noticed that I have disabled my comment section for now and unfortunately, it will be like that for a while. When I had that little recess earlier in the year, spammers took over my blog and spammed the life out of it. I met over a thousand spam messages on the 2 posts that were the most recent then (she's the boss and traditional roles). I thought they'll chill when I returned and started posting regularly again, but it has proven to be unlikely. I used to moderate comments but I had to stop because that would be an awful load of work to keep up with. I get at least 10-20/day these days. It is uber frustrating.
I hope I can keep these spammers off so my blog can get back to that good, old, fun hub again.

     *Blu'ing away. Have I told you I love blue before?

I have said it before, and I'm saying it again, this site allows for advertizing and promotional articles. Not wanting to deal with this mess is one of the reasons why I opened up some advertising spots here. It is very affordable and you will get a magnificent spot which makes the information you're trying to share more conspicuous. Please, refrain from spamming my blog with your annoying comments and use the right avenue to get your message across. (For enquiries send a mail to

I would like to appeal to most of you that subscribed esp via GFC to do that all over again. You have been missing updates because somehow the excess spamming disrupted things. It takes just a few  seconds to do that. Check your blogrolls/lists and you will notice that the last post is still 'she's the boss' whereas I've had loads of updates since then. Please, also take the time to share this with everyone who needs to know. Thanks to Ilola and Toin who drew my attention to it. 

Thank God I didn't lose my blog. It has proven to be a sweet escape for me severally. It would hurt so deeply. The  great memories of the many days this blog saved me from depression, boredom and putting up with unnecessary mediocrity cannot just be wasted like that. 
Do you know what it means to live all alone very far away from home, not for a couple of months but for years? This blog contributed to the good parts of the whole experience and I cherish it so much.
It would hurt to lose those very treasured posts that spoke volumes of what I was yesterday, because I will need them for reevaluation tomorrow.

It is not so easy for me, you have to understand. For example, I cannot really share posts for 'Dear JB' just because I always appreciate the combination of opinions that usually come via your comments.

Anyways, I really do want all of you with your great contributions back. Once I'm done fixing things, we will get back to how things used to be or maybe even better, but for now I will be riding solo. I will try to see how I can still keep things exciting. Please, bear with me it is but for a while. I'm not chasing you all away, neither am I trying to act like your comments mean nothing.
Everything will be back to great soon and we will be all happy again :)

And to all new readers, I know you might need to hola sometimes, if you need to get at me, check the 'DEETS' tab

Thanks for your understanding

Dear lovelies, The picture above was at a friend's wedding. 
Love my hat? Had to try one because I needed to cover my hair for the church wedding
I worked it, right? Oh you can't tell me, I just remembered. You can use my twitter tho :)

Big Congrats to Bumoh and Esther
May God bless your union with all things lovely

Love always

Twitter: @janylbenyl

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