Sunday, 18 August 2013

Personal: Teacher, teacher!

Hey Lovelies
Last 2 weeks, I joined the team to teach at the junior bible school in my church. For some reasons, the dreaded class was the 3 - 4 age group. Funny enough, I love challenges so I went for it. Oh boy!

It was hectic fun. It was voluntary so it is not even as if I was compelled to. 
I love love love the company of kids especially those ones that are very expressive.
There was one that asked me "Aunty, what's your name?" At least 3 times a day, everyday lol
And there was one that was always telling me she wanted to pee, sometimes, even with her diapers.


I had the good moments, I sure did, but I also had the challenging moments
Imagine me with my tiny voice trying to out shout about 80 plus 3 year olds, converged in one room without any PA system.

Can you imagine spending minutes to teach and teach amidst a lot of sing-teaching, drawing and giving them mental pictures, You ask someone "who can tell me who your Heavenly Father is?" 
One quickly jumps up like they want to answer the question only for you to hear "Aunty, my mummy bought me a new dress" hahaha I had a blast. 
Let's just say we spent 2 weeks teaching them a lot of songs, painting mastery, and hope that they will remember a few of the words that actually sank.

I crumbled on my bed after each day but it was all worth it. 
It's been just 2 days since it ended and I'm already missing them :(
Well, I have other challenges to keep me busy in the coming week. I intend to keep my mind off my new friends for good :)

I wish everyone a great week

Love always

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