Monday, 2 September 2013

Faith and Faith in action by Tonye Jack

Hey lovelies
Happy new month!

September is here

There are no doubts that this isn't a religious blog, rather it is a platform where I share my interests. I am a Christian, and that means that you will be seeing posts that indicate that from time to time. Read about some of my other interests here

Welcome to our very first 'inspirational Monday' and guess who kicked it off? 

I already mentioned that this month, I will be collaborating with Tonye Jack to bring you great posts. Tonye doesn't need any introductions as he already had his debut here earlier on in the year, except that I will like to add that he is also a Christian. He is a very active member at the International Baptist Church of Budapest.


Let's go straight up to what he has for us today


It is written in the Gospels that if one has faith as a grain of mustard seed, he may move mountains. Science takes a grain of hydrogen and releases its energy thereby reducing a mountain to dust. The first step about moving mountains is an act of faith. It is speculative. 

The second aspect about blowing up a mountain is based on action - operative. We as humans have not yet learned to use the immense powers of the mind to generally move mountains. However, science has unleashed the power of the atom for man to build or destroy. Yet, that science did not act alone as if by magic. Learned men applied their knowledge to the task and discovered a secret of nature that is potentially good and evil. Nothing of the atom, or hydrogen, or even of the spherical shape of the world would be known to our generation if men from previous generations didn’t think and act. Thinking without doing would have produced nothing, and so it is also when one acts without first thinking. Nothing is impossible. If a man dreams a condition for his future, he will attain it when God and that man's soul work together. But to sit idly by and wish for something to happen without acting together with God, leads nowhere. 

The surest way to make the prayer for world peace come true is for each person to avoid war and embrace peace. The best way to ensure an answer to a prayer for alleviating hunger is to give of what you have so that the hungry may eat. While praying that poverty may vanish is laudable, the most efficient way to eliminate it is to donate to causes that support the poor. 
In the book of James in the Bible, man is informed that faith without work is dead. But, it is not the faith itself that is dead. If one fails to put his faith to work, the beneficial effects of that faith will never be known to anyone. It will amount to nothing more than wishful thinking. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Wishing and dreaming is not enough, we must do.

Dear lovelies, it's the last quarter of the year, don't relent now.  Give your goals the best shot and just keep pushing. There is so much you can still achieve.
Wish y'all a rewarding one

Love always

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