Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Health talks by Tonye Jack

Hey lovelies
When I see myself advocating for healthy living, I sometimes believe that the whole enthusiasm is just because of my chosen profession. I even believe I care so much because it is expected of me, perhaps. When Tonye decided to take a shot at it and sent it to me for my opinion, I knew I just had to share this. As I read through it, I was more than impressed.

I wished everyone that was not directly involved with health care knew this much about healthy living. This post is apt. 
Read it and see for yourself. 

Health talks by Tonye Jack


Everything begins with a healthy body. 
Without health you have nothing, absolutely nothing. 

Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food, eat to live don’t live to eat. Learn to cooperate with your body and give it the food it needs.
Nigerians suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes, because of our high carbohydrate diet. When those diets were created, it was created for those who work high labor intensive jobs, the farmers, brick layers, those that needs the energy to do their work. Times have changed and most of us have office jobs, but still consume such high amount of carbohydrate. This leads to so many problems. The body tries to handle it, but accumulated overtime it is simply not sustainable.
The body does not care if you are a Nigerian and you love to eat garri every day, the body does not care if you love to go out every night with your friends to drink and get drunk. God in His infinite mercy has created a law of cause and effect, which no one can escape. If you drink too much you will damage your liver, it doesn’t matter if you are a good man, a Christian, a loving father, the effects are the same. We are free to choose whatever we want to do, we are given free will, but what we are not free from are the consequence of the choices we have made, so choose wisely.

I’m not suggesting to be a prisoner and not enjoy life, but to do things in moderation. Cut down on unhealthy foods especially refined flour and refined sugar. White flour or refined flour is one of the silent killers, for flour to be white, it goes through a refining process, which destroys most of the nutrients, but importantly it kills all the fiber, fiber allows the carbohydrate to enter the blood slowly, so white flour and its products like white bread, cakes, biscuits have no fiber and therefore the carbohydrate floods the blood stream and increases the blood sugar in full force, this forces the body to release insulin to regulate the blood sugar, consume these refined carbohydrates long enough and the body will no longer be able to produce enough insulin to regulate the blood sugar which leads to diabetes. This is the same for white sugar and its products like fizzy drinks, sweets etc.
Learn to add more fruits, vegetables, quality protein and loads of water to your daily diet. Don’t work against your body; support it as it tries to sustain you. What if your body is reaching out for a banana and you give it a Coca-Cola, your body says, hey whose side are you on? Don’t dig your grave with your teeth. Find the balance, and make sure every day that the amount of healthy food you consume is greater than the unhealthy food.

Exercise is very important to include in our daily activity, at least 30minutes to 60minutes of exercise, 5 times a week is recommended. Take responsibility for your health. Health is a relationship between you and your body. Change of diet will not help anyone who will not change thoughts about food and nutrition. If someone makes thoughts pure about food, and can see foods and things consumed as either pro-health or anti-health, that person will no longer desire impure foods. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition goes hand in hand. 

Everything is within study, if you want to be healthy, study health, learn the right foods to eat, learn the foods to avoid or take in moderation, learn what your ideal weight should be, learn the benefits of good exercise. The web is an incredible tool for learning, it’s a pity most of us don’t take advantage of its vast amount of knowledge; most of us use the internet only for social and entertainment purposes. 
People usually make the mistake of eating junk food all day and think that they will burn it off at the gym, yes you can burn the calories out, and you might be fit, but in terms on nutrition, you cannot run away from the negative effects unhealthy food has on your internals. So it’s not enough to focus on fitness (calories in vs. calories out), you should think in terms on good nutrition vs. bad nutrition.

Dear Lovelies, I hope today's post gave you some things to think about. Well, if you didn't have any questions to ask yourself. I have one for you. What is that thing that keeps you away from attaining your health and fitness goal? You know what they say, the first line of solution to any problem is identifying the problem. Let's start from there :)

Love always


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