Monday, 16 September 2013

The mindset of winning by Tonye Jack

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Yay! It's another time for our inspirational Monday. Lest I forget, Happy Monday!
Winning starts from the mind. Today, Tonye explores the little steps you can take to speed things up.


The mindset of winning by Tonye Jack 
There is no such thing as almost winning, no such thing as almost being somebody, you either are or you aren't. Life does not give you what you want or what you love; life gives what you fight for and what you accept. You win by getting the job done. Do you know what paying the price means? Paying the price means doing whatever you need to do to win, when you win then you've paid the price, until you win you haven’t paid the price.

If you want to win you've got to stand up and say "I’m so sick and tired of being average and ordinary". If you are going to win then you are going to have to change. The only way your future can be better than the past is that you've got to put conscious efforts in effecting the change. It’s going to be up to you, it’s in your hands and if you don’t change, the next 5 years is going to be like the last 5 years. Now isn't that depressing? Embrace change, and change for the better. 

The key to winning is not talents, it’s not looks, its being the best you can possibly be. You're going to face difficulties and that is part of life, but if you just keep being and doing the best you can possibly do, then eventually things will pan out, things will start to fall into place. All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough. You can never do more than all. However, you have to be honest with yourself and ask the question "I’m I doing all I can possibly do?" You may wish to lie to others, but the worst thing you can do is lie to yourself. 

I attended a webinar where John Addison the CEO of Primerica, Inc gave an addressing speech, I found it very moving. I took notes of the important points of the speech and I would like to share it. Here it goes...
First you have to remember that life is tough, there are two things, there are results and there are excuses. You can either be successful or make excuses but you can’t do both. In life you've got to put the points on the board. We live in a society today where people love to make excuses, where people love to blame someone else, where people love to put their problems on someone else’s back. You have to take responsibility for where you are in your life, and go from there, even if where you are at isn't your own fault. Bad things happen to people, poisonous people come into our lives that live us in a bad situation; but guess what? You have to play the ball where it lies, and you have to move from there. You can wish all day long that things hadn't happened, but you have to make the decision that you are going to take responsibility right here, right now, today and move and grow from there. It’s not easy to win, it’s not easy to be successful, and every day you are either going to feed your doubts or feed your dreams. 

When you are in the dark times and tough times, you have to realize that first there are people that have been through tougher things than you and second that you can overcome it. You can overcome your fears, you can overcome your doubts, this is absolutely critical in your development as a person. Don’t sit around and wait for things to get better, you have to make things better. It’s important what you read, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, these things develop your mind and your thinking. 
Success is a journey, it’s a process, and it’s not a destination. It’s a step by step, day by day journey. It starts right here and right now, way before it shows up in your wallet, way before you improve that position, you have to improve this position, you have to improve your thinking.

Dear lovelies, remember life will not give you what you deserve, it'll only give you what you demand for and work earnestly hard for.  Do something different this week, take the bull by the horn and do not settle for anything less than what you desire.

Love always

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