Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Health talks: Eat better

Hey Lovelies

A lot of us just keep thinking that once you eat food made in your house, it's better than eating outside. I am not here to dispute the fact that eating home prepared foods is a more healthy option than what the fast food joints have to offer. However, we have to understand that the reason why the food you make in your house is supposed to be better is because you are expected to be careful about the kind of products you use and the methods you use to prepare them.  You're not trying to produce them in large quantities to make profit, so you'll consider healthier products over cost and also, you'll take time to clean them well. In a situation where you do not put these kind of things into consideration, then it really makes no difference.


Here are some pointers to note:

1. The most important thing is to try to make sure that your food is well balanced. Try to include all the essential nutrients and plan your meals well.

2. Look for healthy choices when shopping, and remember to clean and store them well.

3. Cut down on the canned foods. They are not as healthy as the fresh ones. Why not try to find the whole foods? Really, it's more nutritious.  And the most important part to note is that these foods are being preserved with salts. Do you check the pack of your packaged peas for instance to see the amount of preservatives stuffed up in them? Sodium!!! You won't believe how much salt that little can of peas has. And to think that you'll put them in your pot and throw in more salt. Scary!!!

3. Cut down on processed meat - The salamis, the bacons, the hot dogs...etc
Same drill, less nutrients and more preservatives -- Sodium salts!!!

4. Avoid canned juices - When you just see a pack of fruit juice on the counter, just take your mind to sugar, additives and preservatives. No, it is not just orange juice like it claims, what they are selling is a brand of orange juice, so it can never be like pure orange juice even if it says 100% pure orange juice. To get orange juice at its pure state, you should try juicing it yourself. That way, you'll  be sure that it is 100% pure. Once it is in a pack, be wary of it's pureness. of course, I'm talking about all your favourite fruit juices, I just love orange a lot :)

5. Avoid added sugars - Try to cut down on them. If you keep throwing them into your food and eating too much of it, you might as well just go out and eat the junk they sell out there because your home made food is just as unhealthy. I think I've mentioned before that they are just empty calories. Added sugars give you calories without adding any nutritional benefits to your body. It is a big waste.

6. Boil more, fry less - It's not as if people even remember to use healthy oils to fry, but they just prefer to pack all these fatty acids into their systems by always frying foods. Yea, I know the oil makes our meat taste better, but you can try to cook them more and cut down on the deep frying. You have no idea the amount of fats you just pack to clog your systems with the excess consumption of fried foods. I know we've all heard people say "Everything tastes better when you fry them" No, you just haven't found great ways to cook them :)

To be continued ...

Dear Lovelies, there are so many things I'd like to mention when it comes to choosing the right kind of foods. I think it's just best I don't jam pack this post with everything, so you have ample time to take it all in, bit by bit.

Enjoy the rest of your week

Love always
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