Monday, 23 September 2013

Inspiring you! Are you fulfilling your purpose?

Hey Lovelies
Welcome to another 'inspirational Monday' yay!
Hope everyone had a good weekend?
Remember that post I said I lost one time? Here it is

I was able to think it up again, and I think I did a pretty good job at it.

I was looking at my life and the expectations of people about it sometimes and I realized I really didn't need to feel like I needed to explain any part of my life to people that were just curious about it, as long as I am fulfilling my PURPOSE here on earth. It may not be easily comprehensible by others 'cause I do not conform to unnecessary standards. I, alone understand where I am headed.
If I happen to have one or two people that share in my dreams, I'd just say I'm lucky. Luckily for me, I have a few of them, and surprisingly, each day I'm upping my list. I am so blessed :)
These thoughts inspired this post.


May I start by defining 'purpose', but before that, I'd also like to crave your indulgence as I mention that everyone has a distinct purpose here on earth.

Purpose is the intent of a thing. The reason for its creation.
This means that if something was created, it has a creator. The purpose of anything is the inspiration behind the creativity by the creator. What did he/she have in mind? What gap was the creation supposed to fill? What need was it supposed to see to? There was a need, hence the creation to help with that need.

It is very different for everyone. You create a gap when you neglect your part. Many people make the mistake of comparing themselves with others, that they tend to deviate from their purpose.
Let's face it, when you try to be someone else, the world loses out on the 'you' you're supposed to be and that means you will only succeed in being another person's look alike.
This invariably implies that there is an original which matters more than you could ever do. Is that what you really want? An imitation of an original, when you can channel your own cause and be an authentic? If you're like me, I'll say "take the plunge and be yourself. It pays more."

When you fail to understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. 
Let's make this a little practical. Y'all know I love to do that. You won't blame me, I've studied science all my life and you know we just love experiments and illustrations :)
An eraser was created to erase written words and not write them. There is another tool created to walk hand in hand with an eraser. In a situation where an eraser wants to stop erasing but write like a pencil would, it manages to neglect its purpose and becomes utterly useless. 
Most of us have rendered ourselves useless just by trying to be what we aren't.
Trying to fit into other people's shoes and expectations have managed to frustrate several people's very essence. 

Everybody is born to be great BUT the problem is that we are not born to be great at everything. We are born to be great at something(s), certainly not all things. Trying to compete with someone who is great at a thing, envying them or even hating them, doesn't change the person's purpose neither does it change yours. It only limits you from finding yours.
Always remember that you should always aspire to be your own competition I.e focus on becoming a better you. 
Keyword - 'you' and it is far from trying to transform into someone else. 
You can't be like everyone you meet. You are very unique in your own way, and that is the only way you can succeed - being you!

Let me make something clear to you.
A scientist that has carefully come up with an invention that changes people's lives is a success story just as much as a cook who is very gifted in cooking tasty meals. This is a case of two people understanding and fulfilling their respective purposes. 

Dear lovelies, no matter where you find yourself, as a housewife, teacher, doctor, painter, musician, ..etc, just be sure that you are fulfilling your purpose and you are not making any mistake about it. You can't be like everyone you meet.

Happy Monday!

Love always
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