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Weekend hangout: It's 14th September, 2013

Hey lovelies

You see, ever since I disabled my comments' section, I've been looking for ways to come around here more often :) 
I just added a new feature the 'weekend hangout' which will give me some room to come around here and talk about the week, more like play catch up with y'all
Not sure how long this will last, but I'll try to do it from time to time. Today's own was quite easy 'cause I had a big spoiler that almost ruined mine. I almost let Airtel spoil it for me but hey' I passed :)
Can we all agree that customer service in Nigeria sucks? Jeez! Peeps need to be trained on professionalism big time. No rules, no etiquettes, just a bunch of frustrated people trying to work their jobs just so they can enjoy the benefits of having a job. What happened to loving your job? Ok sorry I asked.
Well, if you own a company in Nigeria, please make sure that you spend the time to ensure that your clients are treated well. If you need to drum it into your employees ears, do it. It is a major tip for successful businesses. One satisfied customer can give you more worth than any amount of advertisement can. That was a tip before I go ahead and rant about my spoiler.

           Love my hair? Will do a post soon :) 

I subscribed to AIRTEL's unlimited blackberry service on my mobile. I like it because I'm always having something to do online and anytime I'm in Nigeria, I'm always permanently online with my airtel. I've never had any reason to complain until last week of course. I tried to make a call at night and noticed that I was down to nothing on airtime. Seriously, like 0.00 when I'm supposed to have at least 500 box. Thanks to my cousin, I found a way to borrow some money from airtel just to make the call. That is something I do not like. I do not like the word "borrowing" in whatever form it comes. 
Really, I can't imagine my airtime on 0.00 and I haven't even made plans to recharge and plus, I have an important call to make. That's some really messed up ish that I do not appreciate. What if I was stranded? Before my phone hits that point, there should at least be a recharge voucher in my wallet that I'm just a little reluctant to load. 

Later that night, I checked my mails again and behold the problem. The message came in "your payU data ..." PayU data when I have a data plan that is yet to expire? I saw the money go gradually from 10 to 20 to 50 naira, giving the same bla bla payU data message. 
I turned off my data service and called them up the next day. I managed to stay through their long torture of ads . Talk about how well I can recite that annoying "Would you seriously wear 3 wrist watches...." Seriously, who came up with that one anyways? Sorry, I digressed. 

So finally, a Mr Michael speaks to me. I lodged my complaints and he asked to run a check on my account. A few minutes after, he told me that he noticed the part where I borrowed money from them but could not see the part where I was billed from my airtime for the data services. "Something is wrong, 'cause your data plan is due to expire on the 16th and today is just the 7th." He asked me to call back so he could give the system enough time to give him all the details he needed to fix the issue for me. Until three days ago, that is what I've been doing since Saturday, calling AIRTEL's customer care unit. Every time I called back, I had a new person who asked me to call back later. You can imagine! So since the 7th, I have been using data services paid for directly via my calling units when I am supposed to be subscribed to a data plan. 
At a point, I'd just wait till I got home before I did anything that required me surfing the web. 

I called them again but this time I wanted to be sure that I do not have any auto renew service that I may be unaware of because I was done with that line. 
The customer care agent told me to wait let her run a check on my account. "What was the initial complain?" I told her and she started again with "I will ask that you give me like 15 minutes..." And I already knew where that conversation was leading. I've heard it from Jane, from Margaret, from at least 10 others and I knew I'd rather drink lime juice (I don't like lime) than go through that again.  Na love portion? The day they see me subscribe to anything with that line, they better check my head. I don port big time! Thank God airtel isn't the only network in Nigeria.
Your best friend's network indeed! 

So that's how mine went. Hmm not exactly. Apart from the stressful parts, I had a lot of 'high moments' that time will not really permit me to share. But just know that this is one girl that has seen God's unending faithfulness and knows exactly how blessed she is. 
How did yours go? 
Hope you had a great one?

Dear lovelies, if you love the weekend hangout, and want it to stay, tell me here and here
Enjoy your weekend! 

Love always
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