Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October 2013 ...

Hey lovelies
Happy October to everyone
Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians
We're getting old :)

October is a special month for me I'm sure I've mentioned it before.
I won't go about it again because it'll be a combination of sad and happy tales this time.
You can check for my old 'happy new month' posts for October, I'm sure you will get why. It should be shuffled under the label 'happy', I suppose.

Moving on, I hope you enjoyed our carefully packed September? Please, tell me you gathered enough strength and courage to scale through this last quarter of the year.
Due to popular demand, we will have the 'inspirational mondays' again, sometime pretty soon.
If you want to share your own write up, feel free to contact me.
Thanks to everyone that found a way to send us their nice and encouraging words even without the 'comments box', It's always good to hear from you.
It's always refreshing to know that the efforts are not futile.

We will have another collaboration next month. It was such a pleasure reading from Mr Jack's archives in September. You will have another very inspiring writer next month, so look out for that.
This month, there'll be a couple of guest posts still, but there'll be more on the relaxing end.
Should you want to share your articles here as a guest, send your works to info@janylbenylshares.com
Check the top of this page and you will see all the top categories. As long as you do not send anyone under 'Dear JB' and 'JanylBenyl', you are fine :)

Looking forward to a very beautiful October
Have a rewarding one, dear lovelies

Love always

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