Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Short story: What changed?

Hey lovelies

I have bad news and good news .
Ok bad news, first, right? :)
Unfortunately, Donald will not be able to continue with his series 'notes from prison'
You have to understand that sometimes, even the best writers experience the writers' block. I'll tell you what to expect in my next post. I'm sorry about that.

And the good news:
I decided to post a story titled "what changed?"
It is a true life story.
Enjoy :)
December 2011
I met him as a poor simple fella that needed my help. There was this sincereity in his words that I noticed, so I offered to help. He needed a simple favour, I felt his plight and went the extra mile to make sure I had left a persistent smile on his face. But all I thought I did/wanted to do was to help a poor fella in need. He showed so much gratitude that I had to tell him to cut some of it short and just see me as a friend.

June 2012
There were strings of affluence creeping up from almost everywhere, but the slates that held the fact that it was all a facade were still so apparent. The dissonance gave me no peace and all I did was try to sum up all the parts, alas, the more I tried, the more the discordant components wound up. The worries drove away all the tendencies of sincerity that drew me to help him in the first place. I almost approached him about it, but I have a disturbing disposition of putting people's feelings above my worries. Just when I was still trying to muster the courage - to find the perfect words to convey my worries without hurting him, he told me he wanted to be more than the friend I wanted him to be.
"We weren't even friends, but you became my friend in need and a friend in need should be more than a friend," he said.

December 2012
The maze of wealth was steadily on the increase; designer labels poking from all angles, fancy restaurants, and the incessant quest for 'the high life'. The switch was too fast, it was rather unfathomable.
 "Hey, so what changed?"
In a bit to liberate myself from the turmoil that was going on in my head, I was forced to ask. And he started with "money comes and goes, it just stayed too long" and ended with 'tales of love'.

I wasn't sure which of the parts was staged but something was certain, he wasn't being honest with me, my instincts prompted me. The only thing that became vivid, apart from the persistent question in my head, was the need for me to run as far away from him as I possible could.

But what changed?

I guess I'll never know

Love always

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