Thursday, 31 October 2013

Someone is back...

Hey Lovelies
Guess who's back back back? LOL
Ok not me, 'cause I've been here with you guys. Haven't I?
Ok maybe not a lot, but I've tried. Haven't I?
I keep asking the same questions. Never mind :)

I am asking a lot of questions because you can actually reply.

Not on twitter, not on facebook, but right here baybee! Yea, that's what is back. The 'comments section' is back for good. "Back again.. gain ..gain..." LOL
I got in the blogging spirit a little and decided to fix some things. The 'anonymous commenters' will have to take a little break for a while, 'cause the anonymous commenting option is off for now. Yea, I need some peace of mind pheww!
I also took some time to add a blog list. Not done with it, but I'm sure I'll get around to adding all the blogs I love to it pretty soon. I've always loved to see it on people's blogs but I always think of the day I'll have the TIME to sit down and create one for JBS. Funny enough, it wasn't so time consuming like I thought. Procrastination is a bad, bad disease :)

Due to popular demand, we'll have the 'Inspirational Mondays' again in November. I need to get you all right back into the stuff you're made of. Can't wait :)

I like to make the health posts go alongside the 'inspirational talks' because I do know that you need a lot of those to stay healthy. Mehn that thing is hard work, isn't it? Another question, I'm just getting filled with this today :)
I will have a guest who will be sharing on health all through November. Find out who he is and read his very first post here on Wednesday. It'll be just like the last time, Monday - inspirational, Wednesday - Health and over the weekend, we get on the weekend mood :)

I recently did a hair post I know a lot of you will appreciate.

There is something common about these hairstyles I know you will love to know. Find all the scoops here and here

The concluding part of 'Notes from prison' by Donald, our guest for October, and a couple of  things you should know about Donald will be coming up this weekend. Look out for that. I hope you've enjoyed the story so far?

You can send in your questions for 'Dear JB'. I noticed the number reduced remarkably when I stopped posting them on the blog. Ok guys, you can send them in, but remember, not all of them always get to the blog anyways.

Ermm if I remember any other thing, I'll tell you over at twitter and Facebook as I'm going to sign the registers over there

Love always
Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. Haaa. Finally. Thank God. I blocked anonymous people for so many months, but I have opened it up ever since 99% of spam comments now actually find their way to the spam session.

    I am happy I can finally comment. Someone is looking sexy.

  2. Aww thanks mami :)
    I'm hoping I'll lose all of them when I'm done with all I have in mind :)

  3. stunning pictures. welcome back... trust all is well? have a wonderful month dear.


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