Saturday, 12 October 2013

Weekend hangout: It's 12th October, 2013

Hey Lovelies
How has your week been?
 A lot has happened since the last weekend hangout.  Well, a lot is supposed to happen 'cause it's been weeks. I'll just try to recap the main parts.  But first, may I mention that you are looking at the face of a satisfied naija crooner yep, yep :)

I was everywhere; Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Cross rivers, ok that is everywhere for me 'cause I do not really have anything that will take me to the other parts :)  Ok Rivers would be there but I missed that this time.
I had my fill regardless. I had been waiting for it for so long. I was so home sick after just visiting home for a few months in years, I just needed to go back and feel my motherland again. People say I love Nigeria too much hehehe, that is true tho, I intend to move back someday. I intend to always stay close to my roots no matter where I go and I always believe that I might lose touch if I don't make an effort.
I have always looked forward to going back to Nigeria to re-acclimatize sort of. Early this year, the opportunity presented itself and I was happy to go spend a whooping 6 months there. I feel like I know exactly how to prepare myself well when I decide to permanently head back. I wish I had up to a year, I would have even taken NYSC out of the way. That is still on my list tho

And oh I almost forgot. I think someone knew I was in the not so "Jane-like" emotional state, and they decided to get me brighter before my trip. My family decided to throw a surprise 'goodbye, we'll miss you' thing that I almost ruined. I have lived far away from home almost all my life. I remember when I used to soak myself in tears before I reached my destination, never a time did anyone give me any surprise whatever, so you wouldn't really blame me. I didn't see it coming else I would have prepared well for it.
Out of Frustration, my brother said, "Do not surprise people or you just might get surprised." Hehehe
Thank God I returned to save the day, it would have been bad. Thanks mum, thanks Ak and thank you my lil boo boo.

Returning to *obodo oyinbo has not been easy either. I fell sick the first week I got here #shame
Is my body confused? My life! And I will always have to move back and forth.

That is how my week, sorry, weeks has been. Started off with trying to run around and update my 'memories of  Nigeria' bank, then to preparing myself for another sojourn, and then trying to get used to my new home, then trying to recover from the snap back to reality phase. 
I love my life though, I'm not complaining :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

P.s: My 'comments section' will be opened soon. I miss you much x

Love always
Twitter: @janylbenyl

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