Monday, 11 November 2013

Inspiring you! Failure, your inspiration for success

Hey Lovelies
If you have failed before you will know exactly how hard the ground can be. When you fail, you'd learn how to look inwards to find that driving force that can keep you going. You should not take it as an excuse to stop trying.
I have known failure, and I've also known success, I know the difference.
When ever you hit rock bottom, do not see it as the end of the road, rather see it as what you need to learn to avoid. Really, how can you learn to avoid something you don't even know? You have to be able to look it in the face, recognize it and remind yourself that isn't the way you should be heading.


I've paid my dues. Before I learnt the rudiments of attaining success, I knew the pains of failure. Now I know it exactly when it tries to hover around, looking for a warm habitation to settle and I kick it right at the spot.

I know exactly how to avoid failure now because I have failed before. One thing I have kept at the back of my mind is to never depend on anyone, not even myself. When things look like they are falling out of place, I turn to a greater power. The one that is greater than I could ever be. I usually do not like people to feel like I am imposing my "religion" on people, but if you ask I always tell. I never do anything alone. When you see me calm and all relaxed at the face of challenges, it is because I have spent some time to fight it the right way and I'm rest assured that it is all settled.

One day, I felt like I had jumped from frying pan to fire in an attempt to ease my struggles. I had to sit down to wonder why I had to go through all I have been through. Some of them I thought were so unnecesary. Then I had an epiphany. I was thinking about great people and I remembered how they always had a story. They always had a starting point or at least a point where they hit rock bottom and had people wondering if they would ever make it out. I have had a fair share of the bad days and of course, the good. I am not saying this because I want you to come with 'ah and oh' comments. I actually get very useless when people send pitiful words, so I try to check them. When things are not so rosy, I usually depend on my inner strength and disguise as much as possible to get rid of the pity party.

If I needed pity, trust me this wouldn't be here now. On the contrary, when you want to key into a success story, you are looking at one right here. And that is why I decided to come speak to someone, anyone, who might be going through their difficult moments to not give up. I am talking from experience so please, take my word for it. If you hang onto hope, it'll surely come for you. When it seems like the heat is getting more and more intense, that is your cue that you are almost reaching the end of your struggles.

Dear lovelies, The worst thing you can do is to give up on yourself. As long as you do not, everything good will come. Remember, you cannot recognize success if you do not know the opposite of it. Keep pressing on, nothing good comes easy.

Love always
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