Monday, 4 November 2013

Inspiring you! The power of listening

Hey Lovelies

Severally I have seen how people have learnt a lot just by paying attention to the right kind of people. The problem with some people is that they are always talking when they are supposed to be listening. It's easier for a wise man to learn from a fool than it is for a fool to learn from the wise. A wise man knows how to keep quiet and learn from others, whereas a fool wants to always outshine everyone with the very little he knows. When you talk, you are dispersing information whereas when you listen, you are gaining information. There is a big difference. I'll say listen more. Sometimes, if you quiet yourself and listen to people, you will realize that there is so much you can learn from them. 


People have told me severally that I am very quiet but the truth of the matter is that I am not quiet.
My friends can tell you how so not quiet I am :)
When I meet people for the first time, I do not talk a lot, as a matter of fact, it's as bad as not talking at all. At that moment where I am not saying so much, I am actually extracting a lot of information from you that you may not even know you are sharing. Don't mind me, I'm not playing detective :)
I always find myself doing it unconsciously. The idea at first I reckon is because I need to be comfortable around a new face to be truly free. With time, I noticed that I learnt a lot from people by having this particular trait, so I deliberately utilized it more to work for me.

Do you know how many times you missed bountiful information and great tips just by wanting to do all the talking? You have no idea who you were talking to, just because you were not paying attention. Tell me, do you know everything? Why then do you always want to do all the talking? Technically, You can't really learn by talking, you learn by listening. 

People have wasted their lives talking about irrelevant issues. May I also add that so many people have missed the opportunity of talking to great people, people who could have changed their business, their career and even their lives, just by spending time to talk about football, or clothes and makeup, instead of what could have been important to them. Engaging in the right kind of conversations is key. When you meet people, try not to pay attention to the superficial and you have no idea how much you will be able to discover just by discussing the right kind of issues, with the right kind of people. Sometimes the people that have the most stuff, are those that talk less. You have to have a third eye to spot them :)

Dear lovelies, listening is a skill. Engage it rightly and you just might be on your way to turning down great walls.

Love always
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  1. Nice article, listening is indeed very important...we have to pay attention.

  2. Listening is very important. If we do not listen to what someone is saying, then we can miss an information that we might need in the future. The less we talk, the more information we hear to someone.
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