Monday, 18 November 2013

Inspiring you! What do you have?

Hey Lovelies

So many times we look at ourselves and underestimate ourselves. We make excuses and tell ourselves that we would be better if we had this, that and those. Not only do people manage to stay oblivious to their potentials, but they also make the mistake of leading mediocre lives at the accounts of flimsy excuses. You never know what you have until all you have is what you have. Hmm tricky one!


I was listening to a blind man who talked about how his feelings had gradually become his eyes. He said he depended on it so much and would have failed at living if he didn't know how to utilize it. He could tell if a person was sincere just by listening to them and drawing conclusions from the way he felt. That was a tough one, I thought.

But he said that was the only way he knew how to survive. That was a skill he developed because he lost his eyes and it was working for him. I bet you if he had his eyes, he would never care one bit about developing his feelings to that extent to work for him.

If someone asked you right now if you could walk with your hands everyday of your life, I'm sure you would scream a big 'hell no' but do you realize that so many cripples have used their hands as their legs, just so they do not become entirely useless? So many of them would have shouted bigger "hell nos" if some one had asked them the same question a couple of years back, when they were not crippled. I'm not wishing that any of my dear lovelies would become disabled, that is far from from the point :) No offence to disabled people too, I'm only trying to make a point here.

Situations seem to bring out certain potentials that if you could look inwards even without those situations, you would see them. The things you usually think are not enough are usually enough, you just need to learn to utilize them. Chances are that if that was all you had and you knew there was no where you could hope to have more than that, you would make it work.
You can make every thing work, no matter how little or irrelevant you think it is, you can. 

I understand that the first four paragraphs of this post is entirely misleading because it feels like I am trying to talk about disabled people. I only wanted to use that to create the picture of what I need you to see. This post is for everyone that has been trying to make something out of their lives but they keep making excuses based on the things they wished they had. It is for those that think they could have been better if they didn't have to deal with certain situations in their lives. It doesn't matter where you find yourself, if you want to make it work you can. If you want to start that business, no matter how little you think your capital is, you can still make it work. 

Dear lovelies, if a blind man can learn to see with his feelings, and a lame man can learn to walk with his hands, you have all it takes to make your dreams come true, you just need to learn how to work with what you have. If you want it so badly, you will find a way!

Love always

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