Monday, 25 November 2013

Inspiring you! Who is trying to stop you?

Hey Lovelies
I have been inspired severally by things that do not instantly correlate until I spend some time in my little quiet space playing with it in my mind. This was one of those.
I watched some kids playing foosball, we were all catching some time before church began. The kids were doing just fine following some simple rules like the normal ones you see as far as fooosball is concerned.

 After a few games, a young lad came and he brought some rules along with him.
"Hey mate, I'll help you" he said to the one that was losing.

He brought out some little toys and he redefined the rules of the game. He told the other player, "you've been suspended for two turns says big king here". He pointed to one of his toys as he spoke. Surprisingly, they all obeyed and played along. He told the guy again "close your eyes and pick on any of the guys you want to save you" (he was referring to his toys, of course). Again he obeyed and chose a water gun. He pointed the gun and shot at the table and declared "you've been freezed" pointing to some of the players. He said " throughout the game, you mustn't use these players but your opponent can use all of his, ok?" Again, they nodded. By the end of the game, the guy that was winning lost.
I was forced to ask "so how do you know whose side you'll be on?" He said whoever I felt like helping. The other guys replied, "obviously, he acts like the savior to save whoever was losing."
Fair enough, I thought. Even though I didn't understand why he thought it was necessary. Oh well!

He kept on like that for a while until at some point, he was on the side of a guy that was winning.
Everyone else was complaining 'cause they didn't understand his motive anymore. And then one of the guys said, "it's unfair. You're supposed to help the person losing not your friend"
Well, if I remembered well, he said he was helping whoever he felt like helping not who was losing, but they clearly missed it, obviously!

The guys kept arguing and arguing until they resorted to leaving it for him to play. "Maybe you should  Play with your friend" they said
"No, I don't want to" he replied
Nobody wanted to play anymore and he didn't want to play either.
When they started pressuring him so much, he started screaming amidst light sobs "but I don't want to play"
Wow! I was speechless.
He went to one of the kids and said "you play so I can use the rules for you"
everyone he approached said the same.
I just kept looking half amazed, half dazed....
And the funniest part was that he looked younger than most of them.
I was forced to ask him
"Why can't you play?"
This time he cried seriously
"But I don't want to play"
"You don't want to play because you're not good?" I asked
"Yes" he said
I told them to leave him alone since he didn't want to play. We took an extra step to make him stop
crying and they all left.
As I looked at the now empty scene, a soccer table carefully pushed idly to a corner, whereas some kids were having fun just a few mins ago with it. It hit me.
How we let people who cannot even lead their lives try to tell us what to do and not do! Jeez! The thought was gripping.

Sometimes people are afraid of so many things: of you being better than them, of you being good at something they tried and failed, of you doing something they cannot dare to, or plain just trying to find a spot where they can shine while you do all the real work. I stayed there and thought and thought and to tell you the truth, the more I thought, the more the thoughts weakened me. I really do not have much to add after that story. That is the inspiration for today. All I'm going to leave you with are the same questions that sparked the thoughts that might take a few pages, if I wanted to type them all out here
WHO is trying to stop you?
WHO are you listening to?
Emphasis on 'who'
Is he/she really worth that much?

And I remember something Will Smith said in one of his movies I love so much, 'pursuit of happiness'
"When people can't do something themselves, they want to show you that you can't do it"
Not sure if he put it like that exactly, not sure if I can remember it well. Please pardon me, if I didn't :)
But you get it, don't you?

Happy Monday
Enjoy your week

Love always
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