Saturday, 9 November 2013

Weekend hangout: It's 9th November, 2013

Hey Lovelies

Been a while!

Hope everyone is doing well?
What's been happening?
Let me start with a very remarkable day. It was the first day of the rest of my life, that happened a few weeks ago. I needed to make a good impression.

I don't usually try to make up everyday because there's usually no time for that, more like I like to maximize my time and that would feel like a big waste of time. I usually just leave some lip products in my purse and just match them with my outfits as I'm running out. Thank God for 'fine girl no pimples' my lipstick usually is just enough for a good enough look. But this day, I wanted to be that girl that makes up for my first impression and not end up being that girl that doesn't make up and later "saw the light" and decides to start, for the days I eventually have the time to do it and decide to. I grabbed my makeup purse, jumped into the ladies bathroom and noticed that I had no brushes; no powder brush, no blush brush, no bronzer brush, nothing. I left it in my big makeup kit at home. *Sad face* 
To salvage the situation 'cause I just had to wear makeup, I grabbed some tissue and started dabbling the powder and bronzer on my face with it. 
Ladies, a piece of advise, if you must use your bronzer, get some good brushes, the difference is clear 

                 It's all good. A smile makes everything much better :)

This week, what's been happening?
Hmm Me basically thinking
"Will I ever be done with studying?"
Want me to answer that? Erm no!
Too bad, it's the course I chose. Sad reality!
So I picture myself, old, grey haired, with some massive glasses fidgeting with my computer because no matter how much I think I can flip through my Keith Moore to be truly conversant with it, a new discovery might just emerge and I just cannot find it there but on the net. Will there be any discovery that might spring up, somewhere where we can get these sort of information more readily that will make google and basically the internet obsolete at that age? Ones that will make the younger generation scream 'old school' and me trying so hard to catch up. Thoughts that sprang up when I read that 2 surgeons discovered a new ligament on the knee.
Just like huffington put it (click here) "Thought we knew every part of the human body, think again"
I hate to say huffington, but you are so right. Didn't see that coming.
So guys if you know a professor somewhere from the 60s, tell him that he might need to find a sheet to attach that to his anatomy books.

Moving on, I stumbled on some belly dancers. Ok I watched them, not that I saw, took pictures and ran off. Lol stumbled on ke!

As I watched them, I was thinking just like ballet dancers need to get a scale, ok scratch that, use a mirror to make sure that they are not adding excessive weight look excessively skinny, so should belly dancers take the time out to try to add some weight. You need a lot of flesh to jiggle around as one, that's the whole basis of the dance, And do make sure that flesh finds its way away from your abdominal area. Point taken? You're welcome.

Finally, young people. Do not try to understand old people too much, you might hurt them. They think very differently and it is just how they are, or should be. Don't try to drive your point home, just forget it. Don't ask me where that came from, just take my advice if it applies to you LOL

That's it, enjoy the rest of your weekend

Love always

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