Tuesday, 10 December 2013

All bloggers, stand up!

Hey lovelies 

Do you know any blogger that has abandoned their blogs or one that the posts are just dwindling and dwindling? Or maybe you just want some motivation to blog more in the coming year? 
This right here is for every blogger who has made a decision to be a better blogger in 2014. 

It is called the '14 for 14' challenge.
It will involve you creating 14 posts for 2014. In that way, your blog will sure be updated 14 times at the least throughout the year. I can see your readers/subscribers loving this  already :)

You know when we abandon our blogs, our subscribers feel it the most. This will give them something to look forward to every month. It'll be a commitment that you will be posting for the challenge every month.
Now here is the exciting part. I thought about bloggers that are already blogging frequently and would like to join in the challenge. People like me :)
In that case, you will choose a theme, something different from what you usually do on your blog and blog about it every month, that way, you can still do your regular stuff, but dedicate that particular kind of post for the challenge. 

Here are a few examples for ideas: 
1. I came up with a 'weekend hangout' here later in the year. That was awesome, wasn't it? :) 

2.  Atilola of wwww.hattylollawrites.com started doing a 'guess the blogger series' on her blog. Something new, something fresh, something exciting. 

3. Sisi Yemmie of www.sisiyemmie.com started doing a 'Monday chit chat' session on her blog. That was really creative.

These are just ideas to spark your creativity. Remember, it must be something different from what your blog is usually known for and it must be new.

I have been working on getting some sponsors on board, so trust me there will be a huge prize.
We'll all vote and a winner will emerge.
I'm also thinking of consolation prizes for the 2nd and 3rd. 
It is a challenge, so wake up your creativity :)

More details coming soon. I will keep you all updated.

Bloggers let's start a fire in blogsville come 2014. If you know any blogger, please share this with them.

Love always

Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. This sounds nice! Fresh blogging zeal.

  2. Lol. I know many bloggers that need this. As for me, I need to be on blogger to actually survive. I will think of something fresh for next year.

    Well done.

  3. Want me to show up often? how does the idea of sending me a Nike Air Max Or Dunk every month sound? *sips juice*

  4. I love this! I got redirected here from your comment on Atilola's latest post and I'm definitely up for it. Although you seem to have absconded again for about a month now. :-) lol

    1. LOL me abscond?
      I'm going no where, dear :)

  5. Sounds like fun. would love to clarify does it have to be a theme based post or just 14 random post outside what you usually write about?

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