Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bloggers, are you ready for 2014?

Hey lovelies
I promised to bring you details on the '14 for 14' challenge and this is just to prepare your minds on what to expect. Look out for a post with all the details just after new year. First, week of January precisely.

You will need to make one post every month with the theme you choose.
For January and December, there will be 2 posts each and that will mean 14 at the end of the year.

For January you will put an introductory post and submit your blog links to indicate your participation in this challenge. Come back first week of January to see mine, I am thinking of something great. It'll be a huge surprise to kick off the year.
You will also put another post, the main post to begin the series, during the course of the month.
 Every month, you will put up a post to continue with the series.

In December, you will put up the last post for the series as well as a conclusive post indicating that you have successfully completed this challenge. This last post is important because it'll lead us in the direction of those people who were able to finish the challenge. There will be linky tools to help with organization of the first and last posts. I understand that some people may fallout during the course of the year, with that, we can easily sort those that finished it.

I do know that most people will be jumping into this just for the fun of it, and also for the long term benefits it will garner for their blogs and blogging habits, however, there will be a prize for the outstanding blogger(s) in the challenge. It is not just very easy stating that categorically now, since this is a 12 month long involvement. Holding down these sort of commitments for such a long period can be a little demanding,  and I do not want to disappoint anyone. I do not want you to join in because of an attractive prize and then get disappointed later, because you cannot really be certain of tomorrow, but I assure you again,  this will be worth your time. I wish I could just throw caution in the air and tell you about it, but I'll try to withhold  it until the right time when the prizes will be disclosed.

At the end of the year, you'll realize that your readers had 14 posts from you, something different and something to make them coming back to your blog every month :)
This challenge is all about reviving the dwindling blogging spirit and stucking up on discipline; If you can join, please do. You'll thank me later, you'll see. 


  1. Hello Ms JB. As per the challenge, I think its a win win sorta thing and I am very interested. You said interested participants are to submit the link of their introductory posts. Please can I get more info on that? Thanks.

    1. Hi
      We are still giving everyone time to put their posts together. Will set up a linky tool and inform everyone when it's time to send them in


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is already July
    It is 6 months left

    I can't participate any more

    Check this blog and let me know what you think.


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