Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day :)

Hey lovelies

Happy Boxing Day!
It's okay to say that, right? LOL
I heard someone say that today. It is correct, don't mind me. It just sounded funny in my ear, esp. because I saw an image of two boxers boxing it out today. Have you seen that pic? I'm sure almost everyone has seen the picture of 2 naked guys, boxing. It's so gross, can't put it here. People are so funny tho! I just couldn't  miss it. It graced so many people's profiles today. Those guys are famous now LOL 

How did you spend yours?
Would have said I spent mine boxing up gifts, just that they were in wraps and not boxes.

I was supposed to head to Calabar for the carnival. Y'all know it's happening there hot tomorrow, right? Almost everyone I know is there. 
I had my bag packed already but something came up.
I had already signed up for another engagement and I had no idea they were clashing that much. To be able to be in Calabar for the carnival tomorrow, it's best to travel today because everywhere will be jam packed by tomorrow. I knew that much and that was the plan, until this morning when I realized that the trip to reach out to the poor and needy by the Lions club, district 404A2, Uyo nobles was scheduled for today. I was hoping to bring you footage from the carnival, but this was a worthy cause and I had to choose either one eventually. The choice wasn't in favour of the Calabar carnival, I'm sorry. :)
I even tried to rearrange my trip to Calabar for 4 o'clock, needless to say at the end of the day I had to cancel it totally. 
My people are there, hope they take enough pics :)

I'm tired, had a headache when I came back. Just trying to relax, will bring all the details soon. It's by far the best way I've spent my 'boxing day' and I will be telling you about it in my next post. 

Is anyone up for the Calabar carnival? 

P.s: Don't forget to show someone love this season. It is the season of love. 

Love always
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