Monday, 30 December 2013

Most inspiring readers' award

Hey lovelies
I do not underestimate the inspiration your loyal readers can bring. Sometimes when I am not in the mood, I remember that there will be people scrolling through this blog, checking for new updates and I make some time for a post. As the year comes to an end, I decided to take some time to appreciate some of the readers that inspired me in a remarkable way this year.

My most inspiring readers' awards go to: 

1. John Duru 
He is almost everywhere on my networks. It is so inspiring to see someone want to keep up so much with your updates. I remember when he sent me a message that he's missing my inspirational posts and he's been silently stalking my blog to see if something will come up soon, and when it didn't, he decided to find me.
I think that was one of the reasons I started the 'inspirational Mondays' to pile up that corner a little. What earned him the number one spot was this message he sent not too long ago

I was 'awwwwing' and 'awwwwing'

Thanks John, I appreciate you 
He's quite new on blogsville. Please, visit his blog here and show him some love

2. The second person on that list would be Ilola. There was a tie between her and Toin for this place.  I think Ilola took it, just because she has been stalking my blog lately. If a post had one comment, then it'd be hers lol
I know how people want to just quickly read through your posts and head on and not bother to leave you a word or two. I love love love to read comments. When someone leaves a comment, it means they were thoughtful enough to spend some time to give something back. 
Thanks Ilola, I appreciate you.
Visit her blog here 

3. Finally, the last but not the least person on that list would be Toin. If I didn't post for a while, the first person that will send a tweet would be her. I remember when the updates on my blog were not reflecting on the list for the people subscribed to my blog, she was the first person that drew my attention to it. Ilola also noticed and mentioned it to me. You see why it was so hard for me to choose?  :) 
Thanks Toin, I appreciate you 
Visit Toin's blog here 

I added a little token. 
2000 airtime recharge voucher for John and 1000 each for Ilola and Toin
Let me know your preferred network. 
Once again, thanks for your support.
Big thank you to all my readers. I love you so much.
Too bad this list is not extensive. I would need to make a very long one to cover all, hence my picking just these three. I really really appreciate you all. 

Love always
Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. Wow!!! I won, I won... Wow, this is preety awesome. Thanks Janyl, you rock. God Bless. Hehehehe what a great way to end 2013. :-) -Duru John de Beloved...

  2. Wow, This a great end of the year gift. Mehn, I am so surprised and blown away. Thanks very much. May God bless you.

    I want airtel, please.

  3. Thank you so so much. You're the best

  4. Amazing blog dear ! I follow u =)


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