Friday, 20 December 2013

The 'Beyonce and Chimamanda' story

Hey lovelies
A couple of days ago, Beyonce released her new album unannounced. She featured the amazing Chimamanda Adichie on one of the tracks, 'flawless'.
When I saw it, I wanted to get on my blog and scream about it, but hey, I've calmed down now :) 


2 of my very admired ladies on one track, that is a great combo. 
I'm sure by now, you know I love them. 
I'll restate why I love them if you missed it. 

They are very hardworking. 
They are strong women.  
They are very daring. 

Take a look at this:
Beyonce reached platinum status for selling over 1million copies of her new album in just six days. The album is supposed to officially hit stores today, December 20th but she has already sold 1 million copies of the album worldwide on iTunes, without any prior promotions or in store sales. 

Chimamanda's book, Americanah was placed at the number one spot on the 'Best of 2013: the top 10 books' list by BBC culture. She beat so many best sellers to make it to that spot. 

Beyonce explained why she decided to use Chimamanda's work. 

“I was scrolling through videos about feminism on Youtube and I ran across this video of this incredible Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie. Everything she said is exactly how I feel,” 

"My message in this album was finding the beauty in imperfection. I had this image of this trophy and me accepting these awards and kind of training myself to be a champion and at the end of the day when you go through all of these things, is it worth it? I mean, you get this trophy and you’re like, ‘I basically starved, I have neglected all the people that I love, I’ve conformed to what everybody else thinks I should be and I have this trophy. What does that mean?"

"The trophy represents all of the sacrifices I made as a kid, all the time I lost being on the road in the studios as a child and I just want to throw that s**t up!”

Still hating? 

I'm sure they both know I love them, so you better 
Who goes there? Allow me to *famz in peace, please :)

Love always 

Famz - relate 



  1. I love them too. Forget the haters.


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