Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekend hangout: It's 15th December, 2013

Hey lovelies
It's been a pretty hectic week but I whispered to my head that I'm not missing this week's 'weekend hangout'. Not after using it for some bragging rights. Give me kudos now, I am a very good blogger. I keep y'all posted ;)

Can you believe I styled this hair myself?
So where do I start? It'll be more like a picture post the way I'm headed 'cause I've had so many happenings these past few weeks.

Today was my big bro's thanksgiving service in church. He just left single hood. Whoop whoop!
Yesterday was his white wedding and Thursday, was the traditional marriage.
I was there. C'mon I had to :)
I have only one brother, how dare I miss a day like that?
It was so hectic trying to rush through all the things I had on my plate and to make that journey, but mehn, it was worth every bit of effort. Family is everything
I arrived on the day f the traditional marriage and my ever capable sister had the dress already ready for me. I thought it was pure magic when I slipped into the dress and it fit considering I picked up some extra weight. Don't worry I decided to go one dress size up, i got tired of the extremely *lepacious body. I have every thing under control :)

The trad

White wedding

Oh I almost forgot! I received a merit post graduate scholarship award from my school. Thousands of people were eligible to apply from all the countries represented in my school. The chancellor said it was so competitive that he wanted to personally shake us all for being short listed.

These are the only people that made it at the end of the day. Only 3 of us made it from Nigeria, hmmm it's God!

I also styled myself for this. That hair was one huge experiment but it turned out well. Seriously tho, I need to tell you guys something about me becoming this great hair stylist I have no idea of hehehe

Love always 
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*lepacious - skinny


  1. Congrats to you Bro.. And you too with your Lepacious self. :D

  2. Wow congrats. I'm happy for u. Is it full?

  3. Love the hairstyle! you did a good job.


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