Wednesday, 8 January 2014

14 for 14 challenge - Style my way

Hey lovelies
For all of you that have been trying to get a peek into my wardrobe, I 'll be doing a collection of posts here on style, beauty and fashion for the '14 for 14 challenge' titled 'style my way'.

Read about the 14 for 14 challenge here

My style simply expresses me - Sophisticated, feminine, comfortable, simple with just a little bit of pizazz.

I get whatever I think I need or like and forget about where I got them, because it's all about how you wear whatever you wear, not the price tag nor the label.

So sorry if I 'm not putting up names and where to get the stuffs. I'd never be good at remembering the names. Most especially, I prefer to inspire people and spark up their thoughts. I will like to inspire you to recreate these outfits with your own clothes, and not try to go buy the ones I did, whether it's convenient or not. That's the whole aim.
I don't ever want you think that it has to be what names you wear.

For the purpose of these posts, I'll try not to bore you with the details of mine. The only time I'll throw in the names would be when I think it is something worth knowing or it's strictly promotional. 
Don't worry, they'll just be harmless style posts. Don't let me scare you :)

However, I hope you can relate to my style or maybe be inspired by it to create yours, your way.
At the end of the day, it has to be your style.
It must be convenient, comfortable and you must own it :)
I am sure by now all those participating in the '14 for 14' challenge have been able to put down some thoughts on what they would be doing. You still have some time to do that if you haven't done it already. 
Make a post on your blog introducing what you'll be featuring with the title '14 for 14 challenge...'
We will collate all of them with a linky tool pretty soon.

This is my introductory post for the '14 for 14 challenge'. 
I hope it gives you an idea for yours. 

Can I also ask all bloggers to please, reblog some info about the '14 for 14' challenge?
Read up all you need to  know about it here and here

Happy blogging :)

Love always

Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. Happy New Year, Janyl. Lol @ harmless style posts. Are there harmful style posts? Hehe!

  2. Yaay!! Happy New year Ms JB.

    I'm signing up for the 14 for 14 challenge. Looking forward to the blog-experience+education this year :)!
    Just posted my introductory post on my blog

    1. Yay!
      I'll do a post with more info about it soon with the tool to start linking everyone's post
      Let me go check yours now

    2. Oh happy new year
      Almost forgot It's our first since 2014 :)


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