Monday, 20 January 2014

Being the best of you pays - "Mr Ugly" testifies

Hey lovelies
Mr William Masvinu aka Mr Ugly's story is an incredible one of someone who has learnt to embrace his peculiarity.

Mehn! It's not easy, but it is so inspiring. How can someone celebrate something like being ugly?
It takes a lot of courage. And I must commend him for accepting who he is and loving himself regardless. 

On winning the Mr ugliness, he had this to say 
"My ugliness comes naturally to me and although I did a bit to prepare for the show, I let my looks do the rest. Now I am a celebrity, when people meet me in the street, they shout 'Mr ugly' and I wave at them happily" 
He is presently the reigning 'Mr ugly' Harare. He got the title twice in a row, that only shows that he is indeed ugly. 

Throughout 2014, my advice to you would be: 
Change the things you can, and accept the things you can't.

Love always

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  1. Hmm. What makes 'Mr Ugly' so ugly?
    By that I mean.. by who's beauty standards?

  2. He isn't ugly to me.. Reali? We all see differently.. He is termed ugly by sm1's standard whose beautiful might nt b d same as mine..

  3. Na wa oh! how can anyone compete for such a title?? I hope the form is free though! **Confused... Well Congrats to the guy oh! Back to Back is a big big achievement...

  4. This guy is not that bad looking na. He very black, and not so good looking, but he's not that bad looking.

  5. I know right? I didn't think he deserved the name either
    Well, obviously, he wants to *shrugs*

  6. I guess its easier to be an ugly guy than to be a boring frump :)


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