Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hit or Miss: Beyonce at the 2014 Grammy awards

Hey lovelies

So this is what Beyonce wore to the grammy's award that held on the 26th of January at the staples center in Los Angeles. 

What's your take? 
Hit or Miss?

Photo credit: Getty Images 


  1. Honestly she is beautiful, and could have looked so much hotter!


  2. It's "too much" exposure. The gown designer should have decided whether to expose the top (back) or the bottom)! It would also look better designed with the bottom part flared out like an lacey A-skirt while the top is tightly-fitted and lacey (as shown in pic).

    Her figure is fabulous, but somehow this gown does not do Beyonce any justice. Thus, I have to give this a MISS for sure cos she just looks trashy in this.


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