Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Joan Rivers, seriously?

Hey lovelies
Joan Rivers just pissed me off big time! How dare you call someone's baby ugly?


So let me  enlighten you guys a bit on what this is about.
Joan saw Kanye and Kim's baby and said
"That baby is so ugly. I have never seen a 6month old in dire need of a wax"
Really? How about you concentrate on your face that needs some real slamming back in shape?

I have always wanted to go in on those peeps that call themselves ''fashion police'.
No offense, I love the concept. I just do not think that any of them is deserving of the role. They are boring, annoying and clueless!

I have never seen a lady who has a boring sense of style and yet flaunts herself as a fashion critique  as Joan Rivers. Well, it's always relieving to remember she 's self acclaimed. Every member of that so called fashion police is ridiculously ridiculous! Gosh, do they even spend time to look at themselves in a mirror? The one that could have even made some sense, is absolutely clueless half the time. What's up with the purple hair? Fashion statement, right? One would have thought it was a temporary brain malfunction but, no, it's as permanent as the stupid tattoos she gets.
Who gets a tattoo of a piano anyways? One would think she's Alicia Keys. Big fail!

And the guy? Such an a** kisser. Eeeewww, it irks me!
He laughs at all the silliest jokes that Joan spews out. It's annoying to hear one and be like 'Did that come from her behind or what?" And he's basically ROTFL.
He sure has a jagged up sense of humor!

And Guliana? That would take a whole day, so let's just skip it.

Who even bothers about these 'fashion police' anyways? The only way I can watch them is when I block the presenters out of my head and pretend as if I am listening to some real fashion icons criticize other people's way of dressing. The torment! I stopped jare!

And no, I do not like Kim and Kanye.
I think they are both attention seekers like that annoying pimple that just wouldn't leave your face.
But I couldn't stand seeing an old woman like that dissing an innocent 6 month old. Did she ask to be born to Kim and Kanye? Why not concentrate on hating the parents, which is evidently obvious that you DETEST them btw.  You don't have to like the mother, but you sure didn't have to insult her child ESP when you know it'll be all over the Internet.  So she googles herself years after, only to realize that you were already called ugly when you were only 6 months old. How mean can people be tho?
I mean I can fathom why she hates Kim. She is what she wants to be. She is a better fashion icon, something she'll always struggle at. The way an old brain can manage to conceive jealousy. One advice for you: Jealousy is like poison. Run away from it!

Dear lovelies, I know it's not even a matter of a question to rate someone's baby, but just to see how sick Joan can be, let's collect opinions. Does that baby look ugly to you?

Love always
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  1. Kai. You sound so pissed and angry. Take it easy.

  2. I was upset too.its never ok to be mean to kids


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