Thursday, 13 February 2014

UPDATE: The '14 for 14' challenge

Hey lovelies
If you have noticed, I use the '14 for 14' challenge when I'm talking generally about the challenge, and use 'style my way' when I'm putting up my posts for the challenge. Just in case you're trying to stay updated with it, so you can know how to distinguish them perfectly. If you're participating, this post is for you, and of course for all my highly esteemed blog readers :)

I am so sorry this is coming late. It ought to have been here a long time ago. It's February already, we should be on to our third posts and this is just here now. I don't know why I was so uninterested in setting up the linky tool to link us all up. Notice how many times I kept saying "there'll be a linky tool"? hahaha
I was talking about this post right here. pffff! It is finally here! Please, can all the participants indulge me and submit their 'introductory posts' to the link that says "'14 for 14' challenge" right at the bottom of this page? Scroll all the way down, you'll see it right at the bottom of the site. You need to use a real computer (not a mobile device) to see it.

For the link title, keep it like this
{Name - 14 for 14 challenge - Title}
E.g. T.Notes - 14 for 14 challenge - The T.Notes' Blog sniffer alerts
Just for better organization. Check out mine below for a real representation. It looks good doesn't it? :)
Thanks a million!

So far, I have been able to visit T.Notes', JDB's and Cee's blogs to see what they're up to. They're doing pretty well. I won't tell you what they came up with. You just have to visit them to find out. Links are below. Follow their blogs, bookmark them. You don't want to to miss their posts.

Cee -
T.Notes -

If I haven't checked yours out yet, pardon me, please. I will get around to it pretty soon. I have really been having limitations with time lately, but I promise to visit every one's blog on the list and keep up with their posts. That is one of the reasons why I need everyone to link up. Please, leave your links below. It is extremely important. I want to give everyone a shout out, so please do it ASAP.

Can I also ask that we all hop around each other's blog to check out the posts for the challenge? Please, remember to LEAVE A COMMENT! Nice ones only :)

Have fun hopping around!

Love always

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  1. I believe people who blog very regularly are exempted, since this challenge was supposed to encourage people to blog regularly.

    1. Well, I blog regularly but I also went in for the fun of creating something totally new with 12 fresh posts every month. The challenging part for people that blog regularly was to create something new. I think it'll be so much fun checking what people are able to steam up

  2. Off to check out the other blogs in the challenge :)


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