Friday, 28 March 2014

Ebola outbreak in Guinea

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There's an Ebola outbreak in Guinea that has claimed the lives of many.
The cause has been traced to a special delicacy made from bats. These bats were reported to have carried the Ebola virus which were then transmitted to the victims when they ate them.

The World Health Organization reports that this virus kills about 25% - 95% of its victims.
Symptoms include bleeding, diarrhea and vomiting.

A few interventions have been put in place to manage the situation. However, 62 people have already been reported dead in Guinea while neighboring places like Liberia and Sierra  Leone have also been seen to have a few reported cases of Ebola.

Have you heard of the Ebola virus before?

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News source

WHO fact sheet on Ebola


  1. It's scary. I had to google the causes and symptoms when i heard the news

  2. If this strain is diff and has acquired genes from the gmo rather the promoter used is gmo then it may harm in more serious way. These people has double enhanced the premotor to get more protein production. they could achieve this by double enhancement of the promoter. The genes from this are artificial and virulent. many plant species are dying on mass as the new recombinants viruses are over coming plants immunity so we are loosing them for ever.

  3. Rest in peace to those that died, may the Lord accept them.
    its quit a petty.


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