Saturday, 22 March 2014


Have you ever experienced pain until it becomes painless?
Sometimes, I want to decipher if what I feel is withdrawal to pain or resilience
I had so much pain that it meant nothing

I hurt so much that I started to feel a physical cramp on my chest
But I'm done crying, mourning and everything that brings pain, because I said so.

I've paid my dues, it was long overdue
I know how it feels to feel pain
I needed it,  I learnt empathy
I know what it feels to hope, I needed it, now I can tell you about being hopeful
I have had a taste of fear, I needed it, I understood exactly why the opposite of it is courage.

I promise I understand when you cry, when you hurt, when you are afraid, when you are hungry, when you hope till hope is all you have
I have been there. I have felt it all
I know how it feels to have everything, then lose it all
I've been on that road so many times.

So believe me when I say, I know exactly how you feel when the feeling you feel becomes so intense until all you feel is the feeling you feel

Have a lovely weekend

Love always


  1. "I know how it feels to have Everything, and lose it all..." that line broke me shaaa.. Funny thing is that; it is at the point of nothingness in my life that I felt complete the most #ironyofLife. It is well oh.

  2. Niceee. Sounds very authentic.

  3. I n which, have u seen the Dencia video on Sisi Yemmie's blog?

  4. "I hurt so much that I started to feel a physical cramp on my chest"...felt that way before, so I can relate to it. Great post dear!


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