Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Style my way: The power of imagination

Hey lovelies

There's nothing as sexy as a sexy girl all covered up but still looks very sexy.
Now that is beyond sexy, and it's all about utilizing the power of the mind.

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I know I don't like to hear the word 'sexy' but I know I am, or could be? Lol 
I prefer to leave things to the imaginative mind. 

I've always felt like it's my most powerful tool.
My dressing is always very modest, now I'm sure you know why :)

Besides, I've always had a thing for people with imaginative minds.
They pique my curiosity. 

Tell you what, because an imaginative mind is a creative one.
They are very unique and I just get drawn to those personalities I do not get to meet every time. 

Well, let's just say when I throw on anything, I remember that the way you dress determines who you want to attract.

Love always

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  1. ....having a thing for people with imaginative minds, because they pique my curiosity.... Like you stole the words right out of my thoughts!

  2. I need to raid your closet though


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