Saturday, 26 April 2014

By all means...

Hey lovelies
Severally we have seen social standards rescue conditions that couldn't be resolved by resounding the health implications. So you tell someone that they need to stay fit otherwise they could jeopardize their health and they could really care less, but then you tell them that they look better when they are fit and it's like boom! The secret code has been found and everyone is hitting the gym. I told my colleagues one time, whenever you're trying to solve a health condition, think, if it has a positive effect on any social standards, then it's more feasible.
I wanted to talk about something very important to your health today. I wanted to tell you about the implications of not showering and cleaning up well, you know go all dermatology as well as hygiene wise but I changed my mind. I thought about writing a song, a story or even using it for the concept of a dance (I am multi talented, I know :) but I decided to do this...


Many times people try to use "going green" as an excuse to not giving their body the care it requires. They wake up in the morning thinking, how can I save the planet? 
And it comes like a light bulb moment, 'save water. Don't shower. Go green. Save the planet'
Maybe these effects could affect the planet in 10 years, 100 years, in 1000 or maybe a million years but what happens to the person beside you? I think they need to be saved immediately. Please, save them from the torture of having to accommodate you. By all means, shower

You find yourself in a bus and suddenly the journey becomes a little longer for the person sitting beside you. A few minutes journey becomes the longest few minutes of the person's life, and it is all because of a certain repulsive smell that is combating your peace of mind. Something that would have changed if you had taken a few minutes to clean up, and properly. Save someone today, by all means, shower.

Your spouse has tried in so many ways to tell you how life has become so uncomfortable for them since you took the unfortunate turn but you have steadily invested in Hugo boss, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin ... And the likes, steadily researching for the strongest of smells hoping that it can help the oozing smell that reminds everyone of your presence. Doesn't he/she deserve to be happy? By all means shower.

Finally, I get to think up ways of saying "can you drop your hand from the wedge that is trying to prevent you from falling off the bus?" just because your under arms are better off enclosed in a very tight space, where no one's nose can penetrate. I'm thinking should I start nice so you don't feel bad? Something like "Sweedy, can you drop your hands for a second?" And maybe you will say "No, I might trip" and I'd just say "please, trip instead. I'm dying"
No, maybe I shouldn't even start nice because this conversation will never head on the nice direction. So maybe I should be mean all the way like "drop your hand, you stink"
No, that is not good. I can't possibly make someone feel bad like that. So I resolved to suppressing my sense organs. Luckily, for me the door opens. I made it. I didn't even realize how close we were to my destination.  I had spent all the time thinking about how to tell you to drop your hands in the best possible way, just so you don't feel bad. But you made me feel bad, you know. So please, by all means shower, because I will feel better.
By all means shower, because you will feel better too. 

Dear lovelies, going green is very plausible, do not be deceived by this write up. The focus is not on going green. There are so many ways you can achieve that without absolutely neglecting the important aspects of self hygiene. Just to point you in the right direction, I could put up a post suggesting the many ways you can go green, if you want. Tell me in the comments section.
But I know you like it when I mess around, that's why I love to indulge you :)
Have a lovely weekend xx

Love always


  1. Love this.. so sweetly put.. 'by all means .. shower! :)
    Have a great weekend too
    ( lovin' the pic - this post would make a great poster)

  2. Some adults intentionally do no have baths??? Wow!


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