Sunday, 13 April 2014

Is this even necessary?

Hey lovelies
On Saturday the 12th of April, the daughter (adopted) of the president of Nigeria, Elizabeth Faith Sakwe got married to Godswill Osim.

Nigerian wedding, Faith Sakwe, GEJ, Goodluck Johnathan, Godswill Edward Osim, Nigerian President

Well, the wedding was just like a normal wedding, you know 'boy meets girl ends up in a joyful celebration' except that since she was the president's daughter, everyone was kind of expecting money to be thrown around and excessively lavished and it was just as it was expected.
How would you describe the guests going home with customized gold plated iPhones in their gift bags? Gold plated iPhones as wedding souvenirs? Yes, you read it right! This happens only in Nigeria! Just to add, those that could afford to attend that wedding are those from the rich social class so believe me when I say they will all return home and dump those phones in a few weeks. What does that make this? The most wasteful adventure ever!

Nigerian wedding, Faith Sakwe, GEJ, Goodluck Johnathan, Godswill Edward Osim, iPhone, gifts, money laundering, extravagance, Nigerian President,

Think about all that could have been funded with all that money. Never mind! He's the president. Nobody needs to ask questions.
All we need to do is to continue reading reports on Nigeria that highlights corruption as the major setback and pretend like we do not see the glaring evidences everyday.
Oh well! "Someday, things will change." Same way it has done in the past decade

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies
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  1. Wow!!
    A wedding is a beautiful things.. but wow
    on a separate note.. not so keen on the outfits!

    1. About the outfit, are you surprised? The most expensive are usually not the best looking. When you look at the details on the bride's dress, you will tell it is madly expensive but it is not pretty still, not to mention flattering.

  2. Mehn Janyl, it was frustrating to see the details of this Wedding on the news. The FG makes us look like a Congregation in their looting and squandering Jamboree. Just imagine if the money was used for something better, to give free Education for instance, or train people to work with their hands, wouldn't it have been better than Squander it on irrelevant souvenirs? I weep for this country, cause from where i stand, Nepa has taken the light at the end of the Tunnel. (not to sound like a Prophet of doom, but to be realistic :( ) Imagine giving Iphones to people who already live Wealthy lives! Mcheew. SMH.

  3. There are so many things that money can do for us. Even if it is to cater for the homeless people living under the bridge in Lagos. Why would anyone choose to do this? Why?

  4. I smh everyday at the ignorance our leaders display everyday
    Can't one of them just rise up and think right for once? I weep for Nigeria my dear
    The leadership system needs a thorough cleaning process. Nigerians, ESP our young people need a real wake up call. We have seen corruption that even when it stares at us right in our faces, we dust it off and move on, worse still, applaud the perpetrators. This is not right and if anyone sees this as right, then we have a long way to go.
    We need to stop the bad leadership soon otherwise we might end up in an irrecoverable pit, struggling to even live forever! Nigeria doesn't belong to anyone. It is ours to protect and save.


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