Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Style my way: Beyond Borders

Hey lovelies
One thing I can tell you categorically about my style is that it transcends borders. 

My style cuts across geographical locations and cultures.

As long as the outfit looks good on me and I feel comfortable wearing it, best believe, I don't mind if it is from the north, south, east or west. 

I like to take a little bit of here, and add it with a little bit of there because I like the concept of diversity. 

I hate restrictions and I like to express that with my clothes as well. 
I just love the beauty of different cultures. 

No need to be ethnocentric about your perculiarities, whatever doesn't hurt you or someone else, embrace it when you can. 

Love always

Twitter: @janylbenyl


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  2. Hehe, was waiting for you to default on this month!
    Looking good!


    1. Hahahaha
      Next time leave me a reminder, maybe I truly forgot :)

  3. Nice post


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