Thursday, 17 April 2014

What is physiotherapy?

Hey Lovelies
What's up with Nigerians and the way they see physiotherapy?
Once they ask me about my profession and I mention physiotherapy, everyone starts asking for a massage. Physiotherapists are not massage therapists #takenote
Fine, we all took a course in massage as one of the techniques that can be used in certain situations. It is a very very minute part of the overall curricula.

Read more on physiotherapy here
I hope that goes a long way in clearing the box physiotherapy has been put into in Nigeria.

Another big box is the chiropractic box. Physiotherapists are not chiropractors #takenote
I might not even go the musculoskeletal way, I might even head on to cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, so I doubt if it'll be appropriate to show me a bad knee or ankle in future lol
Just kidding!
My point is, there are also specializations. I'm in love with neurology and sports medicine at the moment and I might end up at one of  those. Just want to emphasize that the musculoskeletal part, is just one part. Hope you get it now? Don't be like all those asking every and any one on the streets  with the tag 'physiotherapist' to help them with a bad ankle.

No kidding though, physiotherapy in Nigeria needs a major upgrade. I do not know where the public gets this notion from and I would like to think that the physiotherapists in Nigeria are not doing a good job with spreading the right kind of info.
That is a very noble profession you guys are busy relegating over there, better go ask how it is done if you are not confident enough.
There are some cases that require your input more than what any doctor in this world can offer, you just need to brace up to the challenge and always keep yourself well equipped so you do not subscribe to limiting yourself. 
Massage? You do not need all that education just to be restricted to a common masseur, c'mon now guys!

Love always

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  1. So does this post mean i can't ask for a massage when we meet? Well, it won't work *flees*

    I get what you mean though :D A friend of mine complains that she doesn't get good physio here. She even googles some stuff and shows them but they say they don't want to "test" *sigh*

    1. I'm looking forward to this our meetup :)

  2. I'm ashamed to admit that I also thing of massaging sick people when I hear physiotherapy. Thanks for the education.

  3. That's good, that's really good educational post that I was looking for from several days. I am very much willing to be a physiotherapist and that's why from now I have been trying to learn about physiotherapy from different post by searching in online and this is one of the best post ever that have helped me a lot to learn about physiotherapy. Thanks mate :)

  4. It is very common in some countries that a physiotherapist is considered a massage person and people ask for some massage but i appreciate your concern about us as you have created a difference in a very well mannered method to avoid further clarification that a physiotherapist iis always explaining to the people in streets.

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  8. Hi JB, thanks for letting know what is physiotherapy. I think anyone can become a physiotherapist by taking proper training in the medical. Just need to take all of the essential education from a medical course provider.


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