Friday, 30 May 2014

Can we just go back?

Hey lovelies
I'm just looking around the world today and all I see is one insecure person or the other trying to fight for a place. The musicians these days have to put on a certain image, either of a caricature, or something just outta this world in order for them to succeed. When all else fails, give the impression that you are a wild animal that is on an aphrodisiac and you have just been unleashed, looking for a place to release your burning desire. Sex sells huh?

Talent sells anyday, with some great dignity on it. How about that?
Adele sells! Alicia Keys sells! Want me to keep counting? Well, if you have nothing to sell, you have to find something right? Can we just go back to when musicians just had to show they could make good music? 


Tiwa Savage just released her new video for 'wanted'. Click here to watch if you haven 't seen it yet. 
Too bad, sometimes talent fades and we need to find back ups, right? Big fail! 
This lady is so talented, the more upsetting part is that I am certain she can do better than this. I have followed her journey since I saw her on XFACTOR. I wonder why she didn't just find some quietude and think up some quality works instead of this quick attention seeking plot. I know she is very creative. Such creativity behind that song, only to be tagged to such baseless mediocrity of a video. 
We used to watch the westerners do this and just go like "oh well..."

Too bad, it is now taking over the Nigerian entertainment industry. Next? Who is going next? Tiwa Savage has opened the door for all ye attention seekers, beat her to it, ok? Please, no teasing! Go straight to the point - go stark naked! 
Bunch of confused people!

Have a lovely weekend lovelies 
Love always

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  1. LMAO! Ms JB You killed me with the: ....."Bunch of confused people" line... Its sad that as fast as the world is growing in Tech and knowledge, we are decaying in Morals and ethics. Soon life would be a Living pornography I fear... Anyways about Tiwa; First I am suprised cause the Chick just did the Dubai wedding thingy, and I am like her Oga still let her shoot such a sexy :) but Dumb video afterwards... If it were my Dad ehn, he would ask us to go collect our Dowry back ASAP, with interest sef. But oh well, what can I say... Life as we know it is ticking.. xx

  2. I saw this video by Tiwa and was actually gonna post about it myself.
    I like her, but i was really disjointedness by this video.
    I liked her style because she offered something different. So what's happened here I just don't know.
    Conformity is the death of creativity

  3. That should have read 'disappointed' Janyl .. sorry.. bit tired.

  4. But her live performances are most times raunchy, so I am not surprised.

  5. Tiwa for me is not really a talented musician, I have seen her on stage and she is not all that good...not seen the video but then I would say she is one of the best of all mediocre artistes Nigeria has on display nowadays.

    Good music went down the drain a few years ago.


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