Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fusion of cultures

Hey lovelies

How is everyone doing? To all my fellow Nigerians, I already know the answer. Not to worry, I strongly believe we will be able to smile again soon. 
Sorry, if I have not been very responsive on the social media lately. I just went into this uninspired mood. I even had posts I scheduled but I just didn't see how anyone can bear to read anything other than reports on the abducted Chibok girls. News sites were carrying all the info anyways. Since they were no great news, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I just went MIA. At least things are looking up well now. The international community is all up in the case. Everyone is acting like this is a major concern, and with that I think everyone is relieved that at least there is hope. Please, keep praying for Nigeria. Don't stop. I know we will soon look at all these and they'll just be memories.

Last week we had an international cultural event in my school. It is sort of a contest organized by the students' union in my school to showcase the different nationalities and their culture.

Participants which were sorted by different societies had to make a few minutes presentations and the best performance would win. Needless to say in a situation like this, the Indians always have their ish right up on the radar. I'm sure you guessed they won. Yes, they did. I heard they've been winning for three consecutive years now. 

The East African society came second. They were bringing it on the African way. At least for the lack of representation from our parts of Africa, I was so proud of them. But they were really good so they really deserved it. Their costume was great as well. You know the usual, animal tribal thing, they brought thier full gear. 

The Malaysian Singaporean society came third. 

Check to the end to see the performance by the winning team :) 
I didn't go with my camera, but my friend Zunaira was kind enough to send me her pictures.

Click here to watch video

Have a great week ahead

Love always
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  1. Wow. I wish I could represent Nigeria this way in an international scene. I always love seeing different cultures from all over the world do their thing. That's I love watching opening ceremonies of olympics games, always breathtaking.

  2. Nice. Haba! Ms J.B no West African representatives??? my heart is Broken. :( lol. Anyways, its all good to know that cultures from different parts of the world are appreciated at your Uni. Thats an Awesome concept.

    Hmmmnnn About the #BringbackOurGirls Wahala, Nne the thing is just a very sad situation oh, cause FGN did nothing, and I believe would have done nada if not for the Hashtag. So we thank GOD we pushed them enough to finally step up their slow game a bit. Ehen, I wanted to Join the US Army since they are in Nigeria, so no need for VISA, :) but when i realized that Guns kill people, i realized i am too young to die :)

    Nice post as usual, and i feel glad to be here all time, everytime. Cheers.

  3. I felt the same way about the state of Nigeria and I'm just coming out of my M.I.A state as well.

  4. Blessings......
    Everyday I pray
    May their soul be free even as their bodies are not.
    It is deverstating to be at the mercy of other peoples choices and actions.
    God help them all.


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