Monday, 1 September 2014

Inspiring you! The power of desires

Hey lovelies

It is the last quarter of the year and I thought I might bring in this feature again to help you hold on to things perfectly. You know how we do it, one inspiring post every Monday to give you the right drive to conquer every week throughout the month of September.
It's the inspirational Monday you guys.
Let's get this party started 

Today I will be taking some time to talk about how desiring a thing can help you work towards achieving it.
Desire is the starting point of achievement; not a wish, not a hope but a desire.
A desire does not just express the need to get something, it also helps you establish how valuable the thing is to you. 
That is why economists try to differentiate between needs and wants.
Needs are those things that you would like to have whereas a want shows a need that you have decided to act upon. Economists distinguish this with someone that actually goes out to look for a way to fill the need, where the person is usually expected to have some sort of a purchasing power as opposed to the one just wishing he had it. 

With most of lives demands where money is not the principal factor, a strong desire comes into play. It shows how much you want a thing. A strong desire to achieve a thing avails much. Sometimes, it is all you need. 
A desire is different from a wish. A desire usually gives rise to actions. If you just sit down and write out thoughts of those things you could appreciate without trying to attain them, they become mere wishes. A desire sets you on your feet. 

If you haven't spent the time to decide how much you want the things you do, you need to. 
I don't know what you set out to achieve in 2014. 
All I know is that you do not need to give up on it.
You can still make it happen, you just need to understand how to take the bull by its horn for the remaining days left of this year, and you can still have all you truly desire.

Love always
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    1. LOL I know where you got that from
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      It's always a pleasure to share something that can inspire someone else
      Thanks for indulging btw


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